Secrets of Car Design At Speed ​​| Series Director Jon Richards on High Speed ​​Car Shooting | Advanced Equipment

Powerful cars often have no problem when it comes to design. So how do you record that speed? Leader of the Top Gear Series ….

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  1. Question: how is sound recorded? Are there microphones placed around the track and inside/outside the car? Is the doppler effect added for drama?

    (this is by far one of the best videos on the entire Top Gear channel! Thanks and more like this please!!!)

  2. Wonderful behind the scenes info. First time I had seen the super slow mo, tyre…through the puddle was on Top Gear, always the best cinematography. Thanks.

  3. One of the best videos I’ve seen on YouTube in a while. Loved learning how all these angles creat the drama.

  4. Buat Youtuber automotive Indo! Nih liat, gini dong kalo bikin konten. Puter otak dikit biar dapet scene yang sinematik. Gak cuman direkam dari depan doang, dari samping doang, lempeng banget. Kalian udah dapet subs banyak, fans base lumayan, income juga gede, so, jangan males males amat, ala kadarnya buat produksi video,. Nonton Youtuber automotif Indo tuh kayak nonton film Dono warkop taun 80an tau gak sih.


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