Series Series 27 | New Top Gear Trailer

Top Gear TV’s new series arrives on 16th June (UK: BBC2 and BBC iPlayer) with full-featured, high octane ….

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  1. Ugh.. lets hire a tall person, and make fun of harris his size. THIS ISNT TOP GEAR ANYMORE, ITS SHIT, NOT FUNNY. Cant watch this shit.

  2. the challenge cars from the other series like the indestructible Toyota Hilux and the Track-tor are better than them.

  3. I'll be honest and fair. It looks like fun, but honestly, nothing will ever be near in comparison to the classic top gear. 3 old men fighting which car is better, robbing banks, racing a train, have a car building, boat cars, crappy made electric car and so much more!

  4. I hope some execs at BBC got fired after Jezza was sacked because I find the new product unwatchable, even after giving Joey the boot !

  5. The season has ended and I must say it was really an enoyable one. I wasn't expecting much, since last three seasons were all pretty bland. If we leave "serious" car reviewing by side (since it has been reduced to one car review per episode) whole energy between those fellas was just great. Something I haven't seen on the show since Clarkson trio left. Whole production quality of the show never really worsened through the years, but I could say that also this side of the show has improved. Keep it going guys…

  6. Just wondering because it’s for a split second, but which model is shown in the opening around 0:04 . I love that teal colour.

  7. I like the hosts, I just wish they would stop trying so hard to be like and capture the magic of Clarkson, Hammond and May.

  8. those who worked with and loved Clarkson, Hammond and May went to Amazon and those who disliked them stayed at the BBC.

  9. I have to say, the new TG is actually not that bad, they've already created a new style for hosting this show, but I still miss those three in TG.

  10. You could just have done it with Chris Harris, he is so much better and mature and he talks properly…

  11. I stopped watching the first episode of season 27 just as they finished the rally stage in the boxter, Mini and Ford. I mean, What was BBC thinking? Clearly they have lost it. It's better they discontinue Top Gear until they get presenters which the car world/petrol heads WANT TO SEE!!! Chris Harris is the only reason why I watched till the rally stage and after that I couldn't take it anymore. WAKE UP BBC, WAKE UP!!!!

  12. The first 3 episodes have been brilliant. Paddy is funny. Chris Harris is the car buff but Flintoff made me feel a bit uncomfortable with his over the top behaviour. Hitting Harris on the head with a melon and wiping his piss wet hands on him started to make me feel uncomfortable

  13. Fair enough, top gear will never be like it used to but come on, these lads make it funny. probably because northerners are the funniest people on the planet.
    not coz I'm a northerner at all.

  14. Still think TG is great.

    In the first EP when they said "TG had more reboots then Dr Who, but look we keep the little Dalek!" The way he said it, just makes me lught ever time

  15. Sorry but episode 1 didn’t float my boat. Blokes practicing about, I felt sorry for Chis and Rory has been robbed of a great job.

  16. Chris harris, Ben Collins & Tiff nidel .. and ME…. thats what the people need , that what the people want


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