Skoda Fabia vs Toyota Yaris vs SEAT Ibiza 2019 – which is the best small car?

When it comes to small cars, no one can deny that the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta have less power on the roads. .

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  1. Everyone always goes on and on about the entertainment centre you’re not supposed to be entertained you’re supposed to drive the fricking car how does it drive reliability comfort for journeys how it handles bumps on screwed up British roads et cetera et cetera

  2. Of course he is going to choose Skoda and seat over Toyota, they are German. The Yaris might not be as good to drive and the interior isn’t as good as its rivals but I guarantee that it will be still running much longer than the other two, including manufactures like Ford, Peugeot and Citroen. I would rather a reliable car that doesn’t look overly too much instead of a car that drives well and looks well but it breaks down. The Yaris is still a good car despite its dull cabin, cheap plastics and small boot.

  3. Skoda les gana en firmeza y durabilidad general, el Yaris es el carro con plásticos cada vez más desechables de Toyota en cambio skoda y SEAT tiene mayor calidad.

  4. How come no review mention the maintenance cost? Cause after you buy the car you have to pay for service, spare parts, etc and Toyota (here) wins hands down

  5. the monte carlo will be bumpy as it has slim profile tyres/big wheels, the se would be better to review in this respect, also the skoda is miles better for reversing with the big window at the back, reversing sensors don't always pick up higher obstacles.


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