SPEED TV’s Shut Up and Drive – Phase 1 – Lexus GS F SPORT

Subscribe to Lexus: http://bit.ly/Lm4j4n No police, no oncoming vehicles, only two drivers and 2013 GS F experts ….

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  1. They tinted all windows so you don‘t see it was faked. By the way to safe time. 15.21 starts the driving.

  2. тонировка хорошая, с наружи темная а с нутри все отлично выдно.
    сделайте обзор на GS 450h. и переведите кто нибудь это видео.

  3. For a show called Shut up and Drive, you need to take the name to heart. Shut up and Drive. We don't care about your stay in the hotel. Drive the damn car and give us facts about the car.

  4. I wouldnt say easily myself, it is faster by fractions of a second. I drove all 4 cars you mentioned while shopping and ended up with the gs f sport about 2 months ago. I couldnt be happier, best choice bang for the buck. Cheers

  5. I'm aware of that. I just took exception to him saying that it 'easily' beats other competitive cars in the segment.

  6. I was all ready to jump ship and buy the 5 series but back to back test drive of the GS and 5 series told me all I needed to know about which was the true driver's car. Hint : It wasn't the 5 series.

  7. Get ready your winter wear : Hell did freeze over LOL. Reviews have come out and the GS has been rated better driver's car than the 5 series.

  8. The day Lexus 'easily' beats BMW as a driver's car is the day the hell will freeze over. You sound like a fanboy, and seeing the 'Likes' on your page, I see plenty of Lexus videos. I myself love the GS, but I would never go as far as saying it's 'easily' the better driver's car compared to the big 3 Germans.

  9. I agree. Flaxen is awful. Way too light brown. I preferred their old saddle leather interior that was more like a dark baseball mitt. The cabernet interiro with the grey exterior looks pretty sweet in my opinion.

  10. The GS F is a great looking car. My only question is why did they think the flaxen(tan) interior and aluminum trim was a good combo? Those are fugly together. The best looking in my opinion is black interior then next is cabernet. They need to sub out flaxen for light gray and be done with it.

  11. Test drove the GS and found it boring to drive besides the awesome race exhaust when you floor the throttle.

  12. No need to imply. If you test drove the GS for yourself, you'll KNOW that the GS is the best driver's car in it's class, easily beating the BMW 535i, MB E350, Audi A6 3.0T and Infinity M37S. Sublime Handling + Comfortable Ride + Impeccable Reliability = Unbeatable Combination.

  13. yes look up the stats 0-60 5.4 60-0 110 feet .94 on skidpad and just beat audi a6 3.0t, infinity m37s, and bmw 535i in motortrnd comparison.

  14. i love that car…
    but hey, that track is really dangerous, so is this the 1st solo touge of the GS in US? ahaha…


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