Stig Celebrates Celebrations | Advanced Equipment

Celebrating Stig’s 15 million Facebook fans has chosen to celebrate in the process … See the Stig Facebook page here ….

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  1. "Some say that he knows how to work a party popper and that he once shot down a pigion while birstin' a party poper all we know is he's called the Stig"

  2. Some say that he is the personal driver of Santa and that's the reason Santa manage to deliver all the presents,some say that he bends spacetime when he is driving ,some say that when the first phone was invented it already had a missed call from him ,ALL WE KNOW IS HISS CALLED THE STIG

  3. I have an idea on who the new Stig is just based on the punching a badger. It could be Sebastian Vettel cause Vettel hates his team mate Daniel Riccardo, who's nick name is the honey badger. So he punched a honey badger


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