Stig Lap: Ariel Atom 4 | Advanced Equipment: Series 28

Top Gear is back with a new shiny series and on your photos Sunday at 8pm on BBC Two (if you are in the UK). Ariel Atom 4 ….

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  1. When Stig has difficulties with handling this car on the track; what would the normal driver do on the streets – accident waiting to happen.

  2. He’s driving worse than a drunken sailor!
    Look at the blasted steering wheel going all over the place, Geez

  3. So this little Stiggy isn't a left foot braker, interesting, I still don't know who it is, but it narrows it down a little.

  4. I bet that was fast but the was it was shot looked slow and hard to control. How about some distance shots for perspective and a better sense of speed.

  5. Stig will always rule.. but without the rest of the gang it's never going to be the same.. sorry BBC I watch grand tour

  6. But why u try car like this on wet? How is the sense? You must do a lap with the sun, with hot tires, and with maximum power (ariel4 has 3 engine mod) .. please do it better!

  7. I know he is pushing the machine right to it’s limits but I thought the Ariel atom had much better control.

  8. The sound of disappointment, why put a turbo instead of a supercharger or better still a proper naturally aspirated engine.

  9. What should be the best TV broadcast for motor patients cannot publish a video with a quality worthy of a 12 year old boy on the first day of video on a soap box. Come on guys call Atom back and shoot a video worthy of the name! Hope in a dry circuit too.

  10. The reason the atom looks all over the place is because it is on super hard dry racing tyres which have no grip in the wet. I have an atom 4 with racing wets and it is way more grippy than that.

  11. Mounting an onboard camera on a stabilizer rig is a huge sin. What are you going to focus on, the person that drives the car with the interior or the scenery?

  12. It’d be awesome if you guys made a channel that was dedicated to uploading all of the hot laps of the Top Gear Test Track uncut like this

  13. Driving style, car setup, tyres all looked horrible. Stiggy looked like hed just jumped out of a mclaren straight into the atom.


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