Stig Vs the Hennessey VelociRaptor | Behind the Scenes | Advanced Equipment

The Hennessey VelociRaptor is loud, yellow and very large. It is very powerful, at 623bhp, and has some speed ….

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  1. Some say his face is upside down & He doesnt understand what onions are….
    Yes we need introductions like that….from someone.

  2. I love how all the comments focus on the bbc and not the video. Not saying that it's a bad thing, just a sign of bad things to come 🙁

  3. Top Gear Disliked yet again for making the worst decision in TV history!

    And on that bombshell………

  4. They say Netflix is looking to give Clarkson total control over a motoring program.. which would be amazing. No commercials. I have Netflix. No censorship. Because Netflix is sort of an independent TV source. He's allowed to say and do whatever he wants. May already said " although he's a knob I quite like working with Jeremy." You know they are going to quit and follow Jeremy as well… their contracts were all almost up. That being said James also said. We were about to sign a 3 year contract. After that I would have been more than happy to pass it down to a newer generation. But now it doesn't seem that way.

  5. Some say he stop brushing he's teeth the day clarkson was sacked, and that he has an anonymous twitter account he uses to flame the top brass of the bbc with using nothing but ascii art. all we know is, he's called "the lonely"


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