StigCam: Honda Civic Type R | Top Gear

Watch the Stig take the Honda Civic Type R, as featured in episode three of Series 25, around the Top Gear test track. Find out ….

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Comment (36)

  1. Driving the car in comfort mode … come on you idiot … this car has a R+ mode … why is he driving in normal comfort mode….

  2. C'mon STIG!! You're not even on R mode…! A Type-R demo using Sport mode…when you have R…!?

  3. Is that actually Stiggles? He took multiple shots at the entry to at least a couple corners…

  4. I thought that the lap that was done in the Civic was a wet lap. So why wasn't the dry lap added to the board?

  5. Now I'd love to see Honda bring a Type R Accord to the USA! I feel that Honda is beginning to wake up after an almost 20 year slumber.


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