Sumo Wrestler Competition! Chris Harris vs Matt LeBlanc | Advanced Equipment: Series 25

It is a Nissan R34 GT-T vs Mazda RX-7 with two unexpected characters as Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris travel to Japan to try ….

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  1. This reminds me of when nakazato races keisuke the only difference is that instead of an r32 it's a r34 gtt

  2. I wish the old top gear did this they would have made it so much better. These guys damaged the cars why what's the point

  3. I totally disagree with what they did in this episode. Taking a chartered trip to the city of Ōkuma to pay their respects is one thing and, it didn't receive nearly the same coverage as Pripyat near Chernobyl after 1986. However, they took the cars they were supposed to be shipping back to the UK. They exposed those cars to radiation. Was this made clear to the potential UK buyers? I haven't been overwhelmed with the new 'new' Top Gear and this sets the lowest bar ever. I won't be watching it at all from now on.

  4. I enjoyed this episode until right at the end when they did something that a true car enthusiast would never do. My mate and I sat horrified at what we were seeing…

  5. All these comments hating on Top Gear not having it's old presenters! As much as I liked the show as a child when Clarkson wasn't deified and sat alongside Quentin Wilson and Tiff Needell, I think Chris, Rory and Matt do an excellent job!

  6. First time i have watched top gear since the first chris evans episode which was awful. I thoroughly enjoyed it, Its not the same as before but thats life.

  7. Is this an Initial D reference?

    This is an reference to FD3S (Keisuke) Vs R34 (Kozo Hoshino "God Foot)

    The only thing that missed is the GT-R (They use GT-T here in this clip) And it should be the gold colored ones

  8. The amount of staging here is so obvious, as if Matt LeBlanc would just casually overtake Chris Harris seems dumb. I liked 5th gear races, real race drivers, real competitiveness. The old top gear was staged for sure but at least it was believable they way they did it.


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