Suzuki Jimny Lowest Off-Roader America Essentials

LOOK AT THE VEHICLES AND BIDES! 2020 Suzuki Jimny reviews! Suzuki Jimny is an affordable way to sell ….

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  1. If they had only made it where the whole Black Part Top could come off in one piece along with being able to take the rest of the top and doors off with a roll bar inside this thing would have had some real cool factor going for it.

  2. It's a 2021 Suzuki Samurai hardtop. Shape of the dash and dash cluster, interior panel style and sticks are almost identical to the one I owned in 1989. Throw a 5-speed into it and you couldn't tell the difference.

  3. I am an American who lives in Stuttgart; and here in the land of the Mercedes, I often see these Jimnys being used by people outside the city limits. There is even a Suzuki dealership near me that sells the model with base options starting at €15,999 as recurring "special". Maybe I should go get one? 🙂

  4. YES!!!…..IF IT’S ELECTRIC!! I rented one in Costa Rica not too long ago… It was awesome with that short wheel base in for sneaking around the back roads

  5. The Jimny was sold in the US for years as the Samurai in the mid-late 1980s in both a hard top and then as a full convertible with a removable hard shell or soft top. It would go through two name changes from there both being called a Sidekick and eventually the Vitara.

    Interesting fact is that during the 90s GM had a contract with Suzuki where the Swift models were rebadged, accessorized, and sold under the moniker of the GEO Metro and Storm. The Sidekick in both 2 door and 4 door configurations were sold unded the GEO Tracker and late in the game GEO was dropped and they simply traveled under the Chevrolet branding as the Aveo and Tracker nameplates as Chevy models.

    Eventually, Suzuki offered a mid-sized SUV with an optional v-6 called the Grand Vitara which in its last runs in the states featured 3rd row seating. I do not recall if that model ever donned a GM variant or not; I think that by the time those debuted GM and Suzuki had parted ways.

    I wish Suzuki had not pulled out of the North American market for automobiles as they had one of the best AWD systems on the market next to Subaru.

    I spent the late 80s cruising New England in my buddy's mom's Samurai and while it was no powerhouse or interstate minded machine it was a blast on the beaches and fantastic on fuel for small town and urbanized commutes. It was a bit of a bumpy ride on stock rims, tires, and suspension, and they were known for being prone to roll-over if you made abrupt maneuvers; however, that was easily cured with an aftermarket lift kit and some offset wheels that widened its stance some.

    Heck we later took one and transplanted a 2.8 liter v-6 powertrain out of an early S-10 Blazer into it and had the ultimate in beach dune fun. I know that a 2.8 v-6 doesn't ring bells in the power department much either but when you consider the power to weight ratio it was like slapping a stock 305 v-8 into an S-10 and comparing the performance to the 2.8 that used to move it along; night and day difference. Plus the 5 speed tranny from an S-10 4×4 pickup gave us some taller gearing that made merging onto I-95 less of a daunting and frightful experience. All I can say is strap a 32cc engine to a roller skate and that was our Samurai. We called it the Big Toe because it looked like a 1/4 scale Monster Truck sitting on 33" tires with a 4" body lift and a 6" suspension lift. If I could only go back in time and tell my younger self not to sell my Big Toe because it was and would be the most fun vehicle I ever owned for offroad fun; I would do it in a heart beat. Suzuki come back to the USA and bring Jimny the Samurai with you!

  6. I just can't help but think we're just looking at a $20k Tracker. And I mean when they were GEO not Chevy. Even the hood looks almost identical to a Samuri/ Tracker hood.

  7. Its not meant to be a luxury offloader ( which like many will never be driven off road ) this is a tool to get you there and back regardless of the weather and conditions

  8. It is the continuation of the Samurai which was available in US and Canada in the80's; I'm still driving my 1987 Samurai and these vehicles are nearly identical. The off road capabilities of this 4X4 are truly impressive but long trips are tiring.

  9. I so want one of these, basic, repairable, functional, affordable – all things that an off-roader should be. Jeep is still capable, but too complex, and way overpriced. Only major issue I see is the transmission, as long as it can be had with a proper manual, I'm there. Please bring it to the USA, we this here. Give it a manual and I'm in for one.

  10. Why does it feel like Doug is running out of cars to review?

    So basically he's reviewing a cheap basic uninteresting car we can't get from an auto maker that has left the US…makes me long for the day he reviewed the Yugo.

  11. Such a great awesome car.
    Suzuki has been out of business in the US for several years (no dealer, no market). Guess the company know that US buyers want this car badly but there is no any chance Suzuki can bring this car back to The US. Unless import under another one of Japanese Auto makers in the US.

  12. Nice car. I would definitely try to get one if I could. I work 13 miles from home and do a bit day and weekend trips a year. Perfect for those trips and carrying my bike. Cheap and reliable, not what they want in the USA. I was thinking of selling my 2005 Wrangler Unlimited with about 80k miles. Think it's a keeper with the way things are going now.


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