Suzuki Swift With Sporty Prohibited Hatchback

SEE CARS AND BIDS The Suzuki Swift 2019 is a fun hatchback – but not for sale in the United States. .

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  1. From Panama: we have tons of suzuki alto, kia picanto, hyundai i10 can you make a video for the latin america people? We also see your channel that is a Really good one.

  2. You complain about sketch not changed for 20 years, here in Pakistan, Suzuki sold Mehran car for 30 years *30 fucking years*. They never bothered to upgrade.

  3. Can't stand reviewers (if that's what you could call this guy) that giggle and scoff all the way through the review and call cars this thing. Also Americans shouldn't really make fun of accents of the language they borrow. Ant eye (anti) is I good example.

  4. Can you review i20 n line ?! It's great car, not necessarily large like American thing but yea , u will love it

  5. As a Aussie we can laugh at ourselves
    So she should have said
    Gday Mate!
    Blimey what bloody command do bloody want !
    Mateeee Strewth hurry up cobber !
    You can change voice to Bloke or Sheila Ok Matey 🙂
    For f$$ks sake mate mate , hurry the f$$k up before a Dingo gets my baby !
    Heeheeheehee 🙂

  6. Now that's stupid. Comparing this to Yugo and giving it only 2 more points ? You don't know what you missing in America by not having the Swift ! I just got Japanese 2021 version of this car – and WOW – what a fun , stable . maneuverable . light , well equipped and excellent fuel economy car it is ! You can choose Swift Sport even but the fuel economy wont be same !

  7. I honestly believed this was just a rebadged Nissan Kicks until I looked up the Swift, and found that, sure enough, it is built by Suzuki.

  8. Suzuki and Hyundai dominates India. My family in India is faithful Suzuki family !

    The Swift and i10 (Hyundai) dominates the middle-upper middle class family car in India.

  9. Suzuki has a joint venture with Maruti Udyog in India and Maruti Suzuki is the highest selling car brand in india followed my Hyundai, Honda and Tata.


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