Tamsin Greig Speaks Through His Legs | Advanced Equipment

Go behind the scenes in the third episode of #TopGear as we chat with artist Tamsin Greig about his legs in a Toyota GT86. .

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  1. It’s kinda sad how she is funnier than every presenter since the demise of the original cast combined.

  2. been watching top gear for years… it's rubbish now the last episode with the golf at the nurburgring was painful. farewell TG

  3. With the helmet on she looks exactly like Kate Beckinsale. Great episode, probably the best they ever made.

  4. I think it's kinda funny that people think Jack is one of the Top Gear show guys. He's an editor and I think a writer for Top Gear Magazine, so he does some behind the scenes stuff with the show as well. He isn't supposed to be the personality that the hosts are, but rather a more normal guy that does some great pieces.

  5. i would push that car to the limits, cant watch those newbies, driving so slow …
    I would listen to the Chris Harris, understanding the track, and where and which gears to use, so i would be fastest guest, im sure 99% 🙂 … only the problem im not a Star … 🙂


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