Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous Plus 2018 in-depth reviews | Mat Watson Comments

The Tesla Model S proves with certainty that electric vehicles can be fun to drive. I try the highest quality P100D – packed with ….

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  1. Working at Starbucks, I saw one outside the store and all I did was wave hi to the front. I was just doing my job there so I didn't get to find who the driver was unfortunately. But seeing it there was amazing.

  2. This car is great on quarter mile but nobody really shows it on the half mile. Aside from instant torque, it won't keep up with performance cars like the M5CS on longer strips and race tracks.

    I think the car is incredible, especially considering how far the technology has come in the past few year, however, I still think its not quite ready to be reasonable and not just a really cool toy

  3. YES exciting to drive – when you can and it isn't sitting charging. A 1967 VW beetle could beat it in a race from LA to SF; because about 1/3 of the time the Tesla will have to charge and that is if you have access to their Superchargers – if not you may be talking 8 hours on 220, even days on a 110v. So stop talking about their performance if you don't average in the charging times.

  4. Hi Mat, I'm going to buy a tesla s. I'd really like a review of the different models like the 75 v's the 90 v's the 100 to help me decide which one to choose.

  5. You're going to love the plaid plus model S. The interior of the new Model S is way better than the old. It will most likely have the soft materials like in the model 3. The new model S is like the model 3, but bigger and more luxurious.

  6. Hey at least it doesn't charge at 110 watts like my electric bicycle. It takes 8 hours to fill the battery but I can pedal it around as a normal bike. I think you'd be there over month trying to charge a car with it though.

  7. Electric cars gives cancer bro!!!
    What happens when you leave your car outside in the cold? The battery dies! if it's too cold with the battery plugged in the battery will still die plus the panel gaps and paint, interior is shiddy bruh!

  8. You can slide as much as you want to open the roof. That's kinda cool. Never really saw it before.

  9. Performance is not only about speed and acceleration Matt!!! Let’s not forget people don’t just pay thousands of $ or £ to speed around the city… it has to look like a more than £100 and comfort, quality, safety and a lot more matter mate! To me it looks so old fashioned, scratchy crap quality interior, not family friendly at all! I mean what kind of car doesn’t have door bin man!!!
    To me it’s just too ugly


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