The $ 200,000 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Is an Insane Luxury Sedan


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  1. Interesting video. It is difficult for me to say what I would do if I was in a position to own one, but I think I would de-badge the V12 logo and the Maybach logo from the sides as well.

  2. Some of ya’ll are STUPID below with comments. Ask yourself today, in February of 2022, “What American made car can match this in luxury in the next five years”? What Chevy, Dodge, Ford, or Cadillac would look better than a five year old Maybach?
    This is world class luxury. Timeless, great engineers will want blueprints.

  3. I love the rims
    try ti find one set, but eBay seller ask $6000 for them
    why is price that hight ?

  4. Picnic table? Small snack or full meal? I think it folds for storage and is used for laptops. You have a car like this so someone can drive you while you work. Too busy and rich to waste time being unproductive in a car.

  5. The number next to the satellite might refer to the number of satellites used to determine the location, to indicate when the location can not determined accurately, e.g. if there are only 2 satellites.

  6. These cars are so impractical anybody who’s been driven around by a chauffeur Probably isn’t in the car long enough to enjoy all of the features of the backseat

  7. this honestly pales in comparison to the original $2,000,000 Maybach branded separately from Mercedes


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