The 2004 Honda Civic Is Not a Quirky, Forgotten Hot Hatchback


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  1. Love this! I bought a 2004 EP3 (Silver) brand new on my 18th birthday for $18,500 OTD. I drove it for 5.5 years through college and put 90k miles on it. I traded it in for a mazdaspeed 3. Most of my friends made fun of me for years calling it a minivan, etc etc. But loved it. Always got great mpg and was fun to drive. I kept it pretty stock and I think I got $6k for it on trade in. Probably my favorite car I ever had. I also remember thinking the HFP package was awesome but too rich for my blood. I've had 10 cars since then. lol. currently in a Ford F150. Might get a new Si though

  2. Sadly soon all combustion cars and trucks including classics will be banned from public streets in entire EU and Scandinavia 🙁
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  3. An old lady bought this sporty honda with performance? Wow she must be the most badass granny ever

  4. My friend bought one a few years ago and was swearing up and down that it was so quick. I raced him in my eg sedan dx with a d16z6 and ex trans and it was even up until the end of 3rd gear. I would start to walk him. A few months later he sold the ep3 and bought an eg hatch lol. I personally like the ep. It is unique and plenty fast with the right setup but a little anemic in stock form.

  5. It’s just weird seeing one of these that’s all original too. Most have been modded like crazy.

  6. No one in the US bought these because they are pretty ugly. Earlier hatches (ek9?) are much better looking and understandably more in demand.

  7. Man, what a throwback. My friend had one of these back in high school (not HFP trim, just the Si hatch). His had an aftermarket two-tone paint job on it, where it would shift from green or purple depending on the light it was in. We all called it "The Barney car"

  8. I miss the era when compact cars were actually compact. What a cool little car this is. I wanted one back then but couldn't afford it.

  9. It's funny to see the fake carbon fibré in this car, a lot of the 90's top optioned JDM cars had it as well.

  10. Japan got the 200hp version. Im not sure why they gave us a watered down 160 hp version

  11. My parents used a 2002 version as a daily driver, and I learned to drive on it! Not only that, but they got it in limited edition "pee yellow" as my mom called it. Such a fun ride, especially with the shifter like that, even if I mostly was in the back seat and that kind of sucked. My dad always said the shifter was "rally style", not quite sure how true that is. Still chasing after the drive this car gave, my Mazda kind of works but still nothing has matched up.


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