The 2017 Honda Civic Type R Isn’t the King of Hot Hatches

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS The new 2017 Honda Civic Type R is an excellent car — but I’ve reviewed the … .

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  1. Dang 5 years later and I’m just looking into these type r. Doug why hate on these beauties? This is a enthusiast car Honda knows it’s buyers to the point where they made its parts where they going to customize it… blank switches for lights? Nitrous? Brings me back to true fast and furious days… all those modified front drive cars. Gotta love it.

  2. “$34,800” dawg I’ve been looking for one and only found salvaged titles at 35k this car markets insane

  3. Well, DOUG, good thing when you gave this poor review of the LEGENDARY Type-R, Honda designers must have heard you. The NEW 2023 Type-R is flawless and better in every way.

  4. this has not aged well..he sounds like a grumpy old man that doesn’t fully research the cars he “reviews” and need to get laid

  5. Most of you are idiots, believe me. These black fake vents what you call fake are there so if you wanna modify it, there will be a ready place for any modification you want to do. Like air intakes, lights, etc….

  6. This mf knows absolutely nothing about cars he said why does it need three exhausts mf it has one that splits to three and it looks good also the black plastic things are not air intakes dumbass

  7. Doug has been perplexed by volume knobs for years now. Never does he mention you should just keep your hands on the wheel and use those controls when you aren't looking directly at the head unit. Maybe that's just me though.

  8. Fake vents, fake wing, fake parking sensors, fake exhaust, fake switches, fake performance… it's just… well, a fake value.

  9. WE JUST SET THE BAR HIGHER. The Honda Civic Type R showed its performance by setting a new lap-time record for a front-wheel drive car at the Suzuka Circuit. 04/08/22

  10. Hey, Doug. I have no dog in this fight. I truly could give two fugs about a car I don't own or am not considering buying. That said, I love how po'd everyone is with your analysis. Keep up the underappreciated work.

  11. I'm 2 minutes into this video and I can't even continue. Doug, your lack of research or understanding of this car is disappointing. Within 2 minutes, you've demonstrated your lack of understanding with several components on the car. Perhaps have some dialogue with the manufacturer before getting carried away with some assumptions.

  12. iv raced three subaru wrx sti in my type r and each time was on the same road from 60 mph, each time i put probably a bus on the sti. the type r is way faster than the sti.

  13. Watch out Doug, your making all the 18 year olds who couldn’t get a JDM car mad. Ohh oh no you have a different opinion your going to hell!

  14. Very overrated car … MSRP was 40,000 but with markup and stupid demand which pushed this car to value beyond what it's worth You could get you anything better then a front wheel drive car, almost like getting an SRT4

  15. How to expose you know nothing about cars
    Doug revieing a Type R
    "Fwd cars dont need rear stability durrrrr"
    Looks at rear vents used to relased high pressure air from the bumper
    "Why dey hab intake vents on back of car durrrrrrr"
    Looks at vortex generators that direct clean air down to rear wing
    "What do deez fins do durrrrrr"

    Honda Civic Type R time 7:43
    Focus RS Nurburgring time 8:06
    Suabru STi time 8:30 lmfao slow

    Doug doesnt tell you they limit power in 1st and 2nd gear – full power in 3rd+ making 0 to 60 runs pointless to show the cars actual power, from a roll/on a circuit

    Doug doesnt know the K20c1 handles 600+whp on oem internals and has private owners making 500+whp lapping tracks faster than new Porsche GT3s.

    Doug is another nerd who doesnt race or know much about cars and bashes what he doesnt know. Just exposes himself

    "Why dey put flat.bottom trays, side skirts, lip kit and rear defuser on fwd car durrrrrr"


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