The 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat Is A Modern Small Truck With Two Tiny Flaws

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  1. Can't believe I watched 7:52 of your video. All vehicles made now are pretty good so guys like you have to find the stupidest stuff to bitch about

  2. You stated that the Ranger bed is available in 6 foot length, but that the competitors , have length's of up to 8 feet. Not so, Toyota Tacoma , Chevrolet Colorado , GMC Canyon , which are the competitor's models, ONLY come in 6 foot bed length's. As far as the issue with jamming your finger, that is a lack of thinking safely on your part. .

  3. Common thread I see running through all car reviews: 1 describing side profile in detail. (I have eyeballs, I can clearly see the truck. How about showing things not easily visible?) 2 tailgate dampers. If your wrist is that limp, should you really be buying a truck? 3 halogen headlights. If you do a lot of nighttime driving, you appreciate oncoming traffic with halogen lights. The dog is dead, you can stop beating him now.

  4. That gauge cluster is the exact same gauge cluster I have in my 2015 Explorer (other than the font on the speedometer). Why couldn’t they update it?!

  5. here in africa we are enjoying the ranger, and it is indeed flagship here. very interesting to see how it is berated at America

  6. I was a big fan of blind spot monitoring systems till I learned that setting up your side view mirrors properly eliminates blind spots. Once I learned how to set them up properly I was like oh my blind spot monitor is displaying in my sideview mirror but I can still see the car in my mirror. Useless tech that is only needed because of a lack of training….5 minute training at that…heck I needed Blind spot monitoring because of a lack of driver training. Just saying..

  7. I don't know if those ford turbos are going to be reliable. A naturally aspirated 6 cylinder would have been perfect. Except for that this is a great truck.

  8. Sorry but you need a measuring tape.
    Ranger is 10” wider than Toyota Tacoma, an inch taller and with larger bed volume.
    Not to mention comfort and all technical advantages that Ranger offers.

  9. Is there anything that you like about this truck??? All i hear is you complaining about what it should have. Its a truck!

  10. This guy is clearly partial of Toyota. My thumb hurts, door sounds hollow, black interior seems cheap, font on dash is different. Bro you make me wanna buy this truck because those are your cons.

  11. Rear seat storage Why a manual rear window and not power Dampening Tail gate Could use A V8 model And the price is a bit ridiculous

  12. but the fake engine sounds through the speaker and the complete waste of a 10 speed transmission is a big turn off

  13. I was so fixed on Tacoma and Frontier that I missed this gem. This truck has such a classy interior and slick front end. I like how simple Ford kept everything. Your being to nit picky brotato!

  14. This guy nit picks everything! A guy driving a truck is not going to cry about his thumb! IT'S A TRUCK, NOT LUXURIOUS! stick to a Prius bro!

  15. You heard it here first folks… The Ranger is a really great truck when you don't compare it to anything else. So basically when it's the only car you drive, it's better than walking.


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