The 2019 Ram 2500 HD Is an $85,000 Ultimate Pickup Truck

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS The 2019 Ram Heavy Duty has been redesigned, and I’m reviewing the new … .

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  1. Great review. Most of these HD diesel trucks will never pull anything. It’s all about pull-envy. I can pull more than you can dude.

    A lot of the guys in my office building drives these school bus and not a scratch on the bed. Oh well, you got 80-90k, get you some.

  2. 13:00 those window switches are directly from a 2010 Mercedes c class it’s strange to see that 15 years after the merger collapsed

  3. And now in 2022 we'd consider $85,000 cheap for a truck like this… If you can even find one.

  4. I have a sport night edition silver. Frickin love it. Was a Laramie on the lot but added all the missing features. Worth every penny. Pulls my 4 horse effortlessly through the mountains of Colorado. As stated from someone else, either heated or cooled seats are auto on startup. Downhill assist and engine brake make towing a breeze. The visor clip is the only part I hate. Unclips virtually every time you lower the visor.

  5. Doug, running boards button is so that my kids can stand outside the truck while we’re out and about in the farm. You’re the best! I love your enthusiasm but please remember two things: trucks are like sport cars for us, truck users, and minivans are not “just a minivan.” I bet I can leave you behind in the dust in a curvy road using my Odyssey while you’re in a Corvette. With love!!

  6. You’ll be surprised how much leg room the mega cab has
    Edit: Doug thinks this truck get 9MPG. It actually gets 18.8

  7. 10:37; Doug, they do call that a Jake brake, and semis have them in spades. Good idea to have one of these in a truck that can tow almost as much as a semi does.

  8. The payload capacity is not 7700lbs, more like 4000lb for the base model single cab, not even 1 ton trucks have near 7000lb payload. Doug you ok?

  9. Doug: I’ve borrowed this ram from Ram of Ontario

    Me: starts blasting O Canada

    Doug: here in Ontario, California

    Me: ……….

  10. Damn I only paid $70,000 for my Limited 2019 ram high output Cummings turbo diesel 6.7 (brand new)


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