The 2019 Volvo S60 Polestar Is a Swedish Sport Sedan

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS The 2019 Volvo S60 Polestar is an exciting sedan — and today I’m reviewing … .

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  1. volvoas are a load of chinese garbage. Used to love volvos for their reliability when they were actually swedish, but now they just steal IP from GM, Ford, Volks, and Tesla, copy and paste their designs, while being absolute shit quality, reliability, and the Chinese government put pics in high end volvo's that send your convons back to beijing to blackmail and threaten your family if you work in r@d until you give up all your trade secrets. Fuck volvo, and by extension fuck china. Also fuck sweden for selling out to Nazi Germany 2.0. D

  2. The animal on the shifter is actually a black grouse, or ”Orre” in swedish witch correlates with the company name (Orrefors)

  3. 5:55 tbh that's a really stupid thing to complain about. He's literally just nit picking the smallest things here.

  4. DO NOT BUY A VOLVO! I am the current owner of a 2019 S60 T6 Inscription and the vehicle has been a complete nightmare. It is plagued with quality issues and has been in the shop more than all my previous cars were combined, I am in my late 30’s. Worse of all, dealing with the Volvo dealership network and Volvo USA has been even a worse experience. Endless circle of taking the vehicle to the shop to have quality issues and defects documented then calling Volvo USA for resolution but receiving no courtesy or care. I bought a $60k piece of crap that I do not even trust to drive more than 30 miles from my house. Asked them to buy it back or forgive my loan, would not. Asked them to give me a replacement vehicle, would not. Even though I have a service record the thickness of a dictionary on a car with 33k miles on it. They do not care about their customers unless they are selling you the car, after that you are on your own!

  5. Saw one close up in Louisville, KY. w/Michigan plates. 10/04/21. I thought it was a Dodge Avenger. Fugly

  6. Volvo is no longer a Swedish product, it’s owned by the Chinese. I own a 2018 S90 T6 Inscription. After driving Volvo cars for the past 40 years, I would never buy another one.


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