The 2019 Volvo XC40 Is the Coolest Volvo in Decades


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  1. Why does everything have to be a quark. Why can it just be a good idea for dumb people who complain to much about simple things. The fact that they have to print how to clean a screen tells you how stupid people are.

  2. ermans: Over promise, always under deliver and terrible quality (F-)
    Japanese: Under promise, over deliver (reliability a++)
    Americans: Promise exactly what you are going to deliver (reliability B+, due to cheap parts, and quality build standards
    China: Have no dignity and copy and paste german cars, but with terrible quality, awful design, and god awful reliability (yes volvo is now included since its a vessel of the Chinese genocidal state)
    Italy: Vroom
    Koreans: China in terms of copying and pasting the designs of competitors (sante fe pickup stealing the ford mavericks design and market strategy, but at the quality level of an american car, so bad cars all around)

  3. Doors have mid-range speakers… woofer’s r usually located in the trunk. Why’d they eliminate the mid range speakers bcuz they used the air-con as a subwoofer is beyond me. Completely different wave length’s.

  4. First time the T-Shirt Guy didnt Complain about a car not having "Cup Holders to put your drinks in"!!!

  5. I used to think Doug was a car guy, until now… I can't believe how many things he's getting wrong or just doesn't know here.

  6. I see all this storage inventions by Volvo was available before 15 years at Peugeot 307 and even can lock the glove box with the same key as it is for the car. Under seat storages are direct copy/paste from Peugeot 307.This car is verry roomy and verry good in person. The only comlain is the tunnel between the seats which i hate to see into a suv. This is what i like in the old Range Rovers – no tunnel at the back seats

  7. That gear shift design is so dangerous. Anton Yelchin died very tragically, and very young, because his car had a "quirky" design to the gear shifter. He didn't know the car was parked in neutral because the design wasn't clear. He was crushed between his car and mailbox when it rolled down his driveway. I thought car makers and Designers would be aware of such a tragedy and protect customers. What a bummer.

  8. How the h… do you do these scores??? You are joking with these "Doug scores", right? Acceleration 0-60 in 6.3 sec = 3/10 ??? Handling: 4/10 ??? You must be joking? Because it is a joke.

  9. Doug you should do an update with a full electric xc40! It still hits all of the marks you mentioned and has 408 hp now. I'm already sold but love the way you make your videos! Thanks for all the great videos and commentary

  10. Why is a fast car considered quirky? I find your use of the word annoying. The idea that a useful feature is quirky is stupid. The only thing quirky in this video is the orange interior and your brain


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