The 2020 Ford Ranger Wildtrack – A females point of view

WOW. I apologise to anyone whom may be offended by me calling this a car… I bet that hurt a little more every time I said it didn’t it …

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  1. What's the obsession with pick ups in the UK recently? Absolutely pointless in this country, just like the fashion for SUVs and Range Rovers. Do all these people really have small dick syndrome?

  2. Looking at one of these and watched a few reviews. Watched as my missus will sometimes drive it and your spin on it for a ladies perspective was great but also added plenty of value and information for me. Some nice editing on the intro too. Good job.

  3. This is the second highest selling vehicle in Aus…. second behind guess what?? …. another Ute, toyota hilux.. still cant understand why u would need on in England, unlesd you farmer or big gear carrying tradie-but can understand why u want one!!! Bery cool things

  4. The Wildtrak is a lovely pick up and so nice to drive. But the sump on my one rotted out after only 4 years, and it had been under-sealed, the car hasn't even been treated roughly. And the "leather" on the driver's seat has had to be replaced twice. Expected things to last longer in a higher spec machine.

  5. Just waiting for the The new DMAX but always getting tempted to look elsewhere. Shame ford offer the worst warranty !!

  6. Its okay to call it a car, cos nowadays these are everyday 'cars'. They are no longer used specifically for carrying stuff. We use them for our daily home to work and work to home daily routines. Nice car, this is.


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