The 2020 Porsche 911 Speedster is a $ 300,000 Dream 911


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  1. Not worth the money! Looks too similar to all the other 911s. The only visual difference is the back. I could get too G wagons for that. I would rather get a lambo for the price of this

  2. Dear Doug, you haven't highlighted a detail … the windows are different from all Porsche convertibles because they are rounded, unlike the others that end with an edge

  3. This is a car you have to understand to know what it is, this masterpiece of engineering and craftsmanship deserves every penny

  4. "The car was designed to look it's most beautiful with it's roof off and that tradition continues today. There's a few ways Porsche has accomplished that on the latest Speedster- first of all, by making it look like shit with the top up…."


  5. At first I couldn't comprehend that price tag. It's 100k more than a Turbo S, and twice the price of a GT3. But then I think about how insanely fun a topless GT3 would be to drive, it's probably one of the most fun & enjoyable cars to drive of all time. And on top of that they added beautiful, timeless styling. And with limited production it will hold it's value forever, or go up in value. So I think I've changed my mind about it, and can understand that price tag.

  6. Good thing the explosive roll bar(s) have passages with replaceable covers, so you don't have to replace the entire deck lid after a roll-over accident! Don't want to damage the rear deck lid with the roll bar, when doing a roll-over!

  7. But, it’s boring and ugly, and doesn’t look the part. Yawn! Same front end, doors, rear as every other Porsche since the beginning of time. For 300 there’s a lot of gorgeous, exotic cars out there, for those who aren’t Porsche cultists.

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