The 2021 Audi SQ5 Is a Sporty, Fun Compact Luxury SUV

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! The Audi SQ5 is a fun, sporty luxury compact crossover. Today I’m reviewing … .

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  1. I am pretty sure the car owner will never let you preview another car they will ever own, LOL. You just put them to shame.

  2. I was starting to consider this vehicle until the fake exhaust tips. I'm also not a fan of the touch screen placement on top of the vents…

  3. When you get to be as popular as Doug, you lose the inhibition of rolling out of bed, throwing clothes on & making a video without caring about your hair.

  4. That is why a reviewer must do their homework. Those exhausts are because people complained of having soot on bumper. Now they are still less expensive vs. competition and they let you option the exhaust. It's more options. Options are good.

  5. R u fr with the exhaust? like this has to be a joke, honestly disappointing coming from a LUXURY german car brand

  6. When you put any year Sq5 or RSQ5 on lowering springs or fully adjustable suspension, they look like RS6 wagons. (Just slightly taller)

  7. I prefer the supercharger from the 1st gen than this current one. As per Audi, apparently they switched to turbo for the mild hybrid system because the supercharger doesn't perform well. Luckily I landed myself the last gen of Q7 supercharger setup -essentially same engine just not sport tuned as this current SQ5 but have all the tech from an A8.It'll be faster than that SQ5 once I have the ECU remapped a few months from now 😉

  8. Audi, how can you put 4 fake exhausts but no navigation in a 65K$ car?! That’s pretty embarrassing!!

  9. When that second set of brake lights is on there are no high mounted brake lights. I thought those were required but I must be mistaken.

  10. they went through all the trouble of making a second set of brake lights that switch over when you open the trunk just so they could make the taillights look the way they wanted, but they couldnt give real exhaust tips?

  11. I have an S3..have owned 6 Audis previously including 2 S4s and an RSQ3..wanna get da 2021 Edition..appropriate family performance SUV

  12. Whoever at Audi allowed fake exhausts should be fired and never allowed back in the automotive industry.

    Makes their cars look like cheap fake garbage.

  13. Who uses the infotainment navigation system? lmao. If you can afford a $60k car, chances are you can afford an iOS or Android device……

  14. 1. Alloy Wheels , Skirts and Fake Exhausts , Brake Lights & Turn Signal , Plastic Fender , Radar Sensor And Front Grill

  15. If the exhaust is going to be fake I rather take these because they aren’t the obvious fake ones from previous years plus I’ve seen most people who have real chrome tipped exhausts but never clean them

  16. This seems overpriced. Faux exhaust, single screen, inferior power (compared to competitors), cramped leg space, no navigation. $65K is too big an ask for this entry-level performance wagon.

  17. stupid candle that needs more than 350 horses 70% of cars in America is a maximum of 200 horses all above that 300 and more is an exaggeration

  18. Thanks for the review. It is very annoying when reviewers talk about (and show) the leg room and head room in the second row WITHOUT letting the viewers know your height. 2 inches of head room space means nothing to me if I don't know how tall you are. 🙂

  19. one thing id like reviewers to mention is this car isnt fully loaded. my SQ5 has real exhaust tips. Its an option which is i admit stupid, but they have it. also cooling seats is an option. the rating he mentioned that when its not in this car but can be so why?

  20. PICK ONE: Charge your phone… or charge your body with caffeine. You just can't do both at the same time.

  21. This car is horrible. Ooooh, red brake calipers. Derp. It has black rocker panels to make it look less like the bloated slug that it is. Fake exhaust pipes… why not put fake big-bore smoke stacks on the roof too? Cabin space is about the equivalent of a Golf, with the only advantage being somewhat more storage in the trunk (and if you're crazy enough to buy the sportback version, you lose most of that leaving you with almost the same storage space as a Golf). The price is insane, and being an Audi, this thing will be a mechanical write-off after 100,000 miles. Resale value will be in the toilet almost immediately.

    This is a cynical marketing exercise designed to separate accidentally-wealthy Americans from their money.


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