The 2021 Mini Cooper JCW GP Is the $50,000 Ultimate Mini


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  1. The harsh ride while true can easily and quick dealt with by dumping the RunFlat tires and replacing with a good quality performance tire. It will drive better, steer better and feel MUCH better and comfortable on bumpy roads.

  2. The manual can hold the power but they opted for the auto due to people not knowing how to drive a high horsepower manual without cooking the clutch. Many minis have tuned theirs to reach 300 horsepower and still have the stock clutch.

  3. You stated unlike any other mini models that the GP has no back seat. The mini coupe and roadster did not have a back seat only a 2 seater and also had the cross bar behind the seats.

  4. I’d buy this over the other hot hatches. Love the styling! Limited production means it’ll hold its value. Pretty quick with fantastic sensation of speed!

  5. People are so annoying and give Doug so much crap. The only thing he deserves to be bothered about is his Styling rating on pretty much every car lol

  6. I love it. Does it make sense as a daily driver? No. Is it ridiculous? Yes! Will be much more exclusive in years to come than its rivals and will dominate on a twisty road.

  7. you can basically drive it in manual by moving the drive mode to the left plus it has paddles you didn't mention either of those

  8. Even though it's expensive i think IT will hold it's value better then Mass Producer Cars as it IS Limited to 3000 Units

  9. I’m definitely never EVER paying 46,000 for a mini. No matter how fast it is, it is still an unreliable mini.

  10. minis are so fun cuz they really do handle like a go cart, they feel so much faster cuz of how low and small they are

  11. I bet some Youtuber who does stupid things for views, probably bought one just to record a video of it going through an automatic car wash.

  12. Sorry to say but as a mini owner myself you make it sound as if 301 pony is a big deal from a 2.0 liter engine. When Mercedes is making 100+ HP per cylinder from the same 2.0 liter. Blackberry use to do the same thing to consumers holding back on performance until they put themselves out of business. It’s only because people love these little cars why they survive.

  13. Manually adjusted seats are best for weight saving, electric seats are too heavy! It's clearly you don't know what you're talking! Will you complain Porsche for not giving Carrera GT and 911 GT3 RS electric seats? Come on, sane people shouldn't have double standards!

  14. But it's an anti-ultimate in one thing. There's no. Back. Seats.


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