The 2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2 Is an Almost-Raptor

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! 2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2 review! Today I’m reviewing the new 2022 Chevy … .

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  1. “The rock crawling Chevy expects people to do with the ZR2”…. The guy that buys this truck is never doing any crawling other than in a mall parking lot.

  2. A truck that’s isn’t as capable as a Raptor yet costs just as much as one

    Not really surprised. This is GM overpricing their vehicles as always

  3. I have a 20 Raptor and have enjoyed the looks of the truck. and the 10 speed tranny sux. I retune it evry 3 months so it shifts decent. Sounds like a pissed off bumble bee. Raptors look great for sure but they are 85-90k new and sound weird. Ive ordered the zR2 and look forward to the 6.2 sound and more offroad capability than i need

  4. The only reason this made since for Gm to make is because of the Chevy dudes who refuse to buy a ford. The sad thing is it’s closer in comparison to a TOYOTA then it’s American rivals. It really makes no since to buy this, the raptor will probably keep its value way longer than this will.

  5. I agree with Doug on the price. Even used ZR2s in a couple of years will fetch $10-15k less than comparable used Raptors. But in the end you want to drive an icon, such as the Raptor or an absolutely insane truck like the TRX. Chevy has a good platform and needs to step it up by adding 37” tires standard, slap a supercharger on that 6.2L beast and add a wider body. As a Raptor owner I hate to say it but Chevy has the potential to crash the halo super truck party if they want to.

  6. It just needs a more unique look, that's all. GM are upping their game big time and keep pushing, but I wish they went the last mile. They always stop one step short from going on top (unless they do this for a reason we don't know, intentionally losing one bit behind rivals)

    I'd still choose this bad boy over a raptor. The interior design is just so beautiful.

  7. I had to add about $5K in mods to my 2021 GMC Sierra AT4 (6.2L) in order for it to be "correct". Once done, it is an amazing platform. Try finding a 2022 Silverado ZR2 or Sierra AT4 for $70K…good luck. I paid $54K fully loaded for mine back in Nov, 2020 (2021 model was out). Now…add $20K to that price for 2022. Ouch. So, with my mods, still way less than a new one and overall better. Chevy/GMC are about five years behind all the time.

  8. Most people are pretenders and don't go off-road

    whomever goes offroad would not buy a pickup truck like a raptor, trx or this in the first place

    Normie wannabe tryhard idiots eugh

  9. Trail Boss diesel would be my pick of this lineup. Except I wouldn't buy anything at current prices.

  10. Maybe the less desirability is going to discourage chevy dealerships to slap on their dealer markup. Every ford dealership out there is marking up the raptor like crazy. Taking that into consideration, doug may be onto something here in saying that the real purchase price of this will be a lot less than a raptor’s.

  11. Starting at 70,000 thats a big yikes. I owned a 2018 ZR1 and they are most definitely not built well. Extremely cheap plastics, rattling parts inside the cabin, even the seats started breaking down after only two years of ownership.

  12. Yeah but with a few new parts that naturally aspirated 6.2L V-8 can become a 1000hp fire breathing beast! Leaving the TRX and Raptor behind in a cloud of disappointment.

  13. What I like about it is it is not a Raptor. Raptors and TRXs are desert prerunners. They are actually not that great at trails and crawling. I have friends that own them. It has F+R lockers which is huge for trails. You can actually park it in normal parking spots. This is a better daily and it is a far superior design for harder trails over the TRX and Raptor. I have a Jeep on 40s and do a lot of crawling/trails. 37s also kind of suck for a daily. I am glad it is not on 35s. This is not meant to compete with a Raptor or TRX.

  14. IMO even at $10k less than the Raptor, this would be a horrible buy. It will depreciate way more than the Raptor and, therefore, even if it were $10k less, you’d be paying more from a total cost of ownership standpoint. I may this over an FX4 Lariat but, even then, it’d be close – that Powerboost hybrid with the inverter is impressive. I was impressed by the 6.2 around 10yrs ago.

  15. Go look @ the warraty issues on the "Eco-Boost" motors then tell me you'd really buy a Raptor? Me? that $70 represents a LOT OF $$$ and if I am BUYING at truck….I'm looking for reliability in the long term…maybe if your leasing a Raptor or TRX makes sense….To own it? I'll take the Chevy.

  16. 14:05 says Chevy has the best cameras meanwhile Basic Mid level Ram 1500 Big Horn has Far nicer res cameras. even one with just a backup camera equipped the Backup camera is big and wide on the display, and super clear.

  17. 10:50 wow that shit sounds horrible. i know its a chevy but that sounds horrible. way to high pitched. 2021 Ram 1500 with a 5.7L V8 (Basic engine for the trucks, most 1500 have it, its one above the 3.7L V6, and standard on the 2500 and probably 3500) sounds far far better.


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