The 2022 Genesis GV70 is an Excellent Little SUV Most Excellent


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  1. What would happen if you accidentally tried to throw it into reverse while driving along by using the wrong dial without looking? Would it let you do it? Damage the transmission? Or do you have to be at rest to engage R?

  2. Damn so proud.. i used to work as a export manager in KIA headquarter 3 yrs ago and at that time i was a fan of Doug.. but was heartbroken by him demolishing kia spectra but later he reviewed stinger, saying it its pretty good and now he's sayin gv70 maybe better than glc!? Damn you gotta live long. Proud to be korean

  3. It's amazing that Lexus still hasn't cracked the code on not repurposing cheap Toyota interior plastics into their cars, yet Genesis is already there.

  4. Correction on your Doug Score…this is a 2022 Genesis GV70, you listed 2021 as the year. Great Review, as always. Counting the days until I pick mine up!

  5. In response to Doug's comment about no fanfare and no one was talking about it well they blew the head of marketing out as a result. The press launch of this car was totally botched. I have one and its great..

  6. Bought a GV70 3.5T in early November 2021. It's an excellent vehicle – very happy with it. My first foray in to luxury SUVs, and so far I'm not disappointed. A couple things to note: If considering the smaller 2.5T four cylinder engine, don't worry about any meaningful difference in performance from the 3.5T. I test drove both, and I really couldn't tell the difference in driving power. The smaller 2.5T makes more noise, but is no less athletic. And, it costs much less, and gets better gas mileage. The reason I went with the larger, more expensive 3.5T is because I wanted the option package with the electronically controlled suspension, as well as the option package that included the matte green finish (which looks awesome). I value quiet and smooth, so wanted the less noisy engine and the smoother suspension. All in all, really pleased. I don't like the German vehicles, purely because of the nasty repair costs. One thing to beware of: you're buying this luxury Genesis in a most-decidedly un-luxury Hyundai dealership. If you demand a white-glove dealership experience like Lexus, Mercedes, Cadillac, etc., you will NOT get that at the Hyundai dealership.

  7. I got one in black and red interior with the 4 cylinder and the interior looks like this just metal instead of carbon and I love it!! I wish they had a red on red here.

  8. If you can get your hands on, please check out the Genesis GV60. It is the Genesis equivalent of the Ioniq5 and EV6. And is really quirky 😀


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