The 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Is Surprisingly Luxurious

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class review! Today I’m reviewing the new 2022 … .

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  1. I'm missing the C class amazing comfort but not the amazing-frequent visits to mechanics. Dear Lord, worst reliability car I've had.

  2. why is not having navigation a drawback? doug is way to focused on having more and more quirks and features instead of taking the usability into account. more is not always better.

  3. I take my phone navigation app over a mb/bmw/etc. navigation system every time. Though it is available as an option, I would pay to not have it included xD

  4. Perfect for kicking around in… I wouldn't want to daily drive an S-Class. It's too rich for my blood. This in an Alcantara interior with Michelin tyres (because I'm vegan) might very well be ideal for me. Another a-hole might pull his nose up to it.

  5. I understand all the comparisons to the S class, but you really need to keep in mind that it's a third of the price.

  6. They need to get rid of this horrible trend with screens. That screen behind the wheel looks bad, cheap. Was nothing wrong with what we had before, nobody wanted a screen instead of the normal gages

  7. I've got one and it does have nav. Must be an option. Oddly, I've got the AMG premium estate and you can't lower the rear seats from the boot. Which my last one did (lower sport spec). Maybe differs in different regions.

  8. Got this one (minus the Camera options) after my A class lease was up. Honestly I miss the amount of configuration I was able to on the A that I can’t on the C.

  9. The AMG package is more than a "few" cosmetic touches, it's a whole different front end design. Different grill shape, different grill inner, different bumper, intakes etc.

  10. I thought the last c class looked ugly the new one looks like a dressed up economy car and the interior is ugly af

  11. I still think regardless of Android Auto/Apple Carplay, vehicles made by brands like Mercedes-Benz should include built in navigation systems


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