The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Is the Ultimate Luxury Electric Car

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS review! Today I’m reviewing the Mercedes EQS, … .

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  1. this must be frightening as hell for mercedes. over 100 years of making and perfecting combustion engines and having it as a large part of why rich people buy mercedes. and then switching over to a technology that they dont lead in. and then relying on computer technology that is always obsolete in 5 years. seems like a massive door for other companies to walk through and replace them as the premium car maker.

  2. There’s just too much going on in terms of features. Rolls Royce doesn’t even have temperature setting automatic controls, because they realize people just know “hot or cold” not 67 degrees or 70. Just turn it up or down… there’s just too much tech here for anybody to use or pay attention to, you’re driving a car, nobody’s playing with all these buttons and stuff

  3. This is an ugly car. I’m sorry but Mercedes did the electric SLS so well, maybe not the best drive train in that car. But still this looks disgusting for a Mercedes, I don’t care how good it is for the environment or how well it drives

  4. I own an EQS for 2 months now, and it still makes me smile everytime I drive it.
    From a styling perspective, I find it really looks futuristic, and it looks smooth yet classy.

  5. Over $100,000 is ridiculous. Definitely a step up from Tesla though for sure. I’d bet the paint job is much better as well.

  6. People hate on the exterior styling for being ev jellybean shaped. Mercedes did an unreal job retaining s class styling while achieving the best aero coefficient ever. Start accepting the future, in a rational world this car would put tesla out of business.

  7. It's called a "DOUG SCORE" for a reason, I presume. Most people not liking the way it looks shouldn't effect the doug score. If so, change the name to "most people score".

  8. I'm glad the massive screen isn't sticking up vertically like an iPad shoved into the dashboard. That seems to be the standard method on so many cars, and it's fugly.

  9. 1) Does it have a factory installed Dashcam?

    2) You didnt mention anything about charging and replacement of battery.

    3) How about annual servicing? Is it even required?

    It's a pity despite being an S-Class equivalent, it doesn't have the Mercedes Star on the bonnet.

  10. Hey Mercedes could you please make an S class with an EQS interior, or an EQS with an S class exterior, that’s all we want haha

  11. The exterior has a very similar look to the Porsche Panamera for me, but I have yet to see this car on the street; I don’t know about the price, but it’s a Mercedes, and they have some loyal buyers that will drop 100k plus for this car

  12. They gotta release a production version of the eqxx, that is a good looking car. It doesn't look like a merc but still it has a presence, also i agree with you now ab the eqs looking cool

  13. Does he speed up his videos in edit? When I run it at .75 speed it seems a bit closer to normal speed. YouTube editors are amazing.

  14. The interior is some fire but the exterior of the car is trash for $100k+. Honestly Disappointed by Mercedes once again.

  15. I stopped watching when Doug said it starts at $100k. Clearly it is out of my range therefore…why bother

  16. Pen holder? Why? Tesla has a screen note pad. MB can keep the pen holder. I highly doubt MB will be able to OTA updates.


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