The 2022 Tesla Model X Plaid Is an Insanely Fast, High-Tech Family SUV

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  1. Imagine being at a Mormon church and hearing “HELLO EVERYONE DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT MY QUIRKS AND FEATURES”

  2. The trick to climate control in a Tesla is.. Auto. It really does it all for you. It even changes the vents automatically if the windshield starts to fog up.

  3. I wonder if ALL Tesla vehicle have that blind-spot camera that shows when you use your turn signals? Like you, I've seen it on Kia and Hyundai vehicles, but they show the view right in the dashboard. I also wonder if the camera view that shows can be moved up to the top of the screen to be seen easier?

  4. 31:59 re: the yoke steering wheel.. it's not about if it's awful or okay or something you can get used to. Don't FORCE everyone looking at a Plaid to get it. Either make it an option, or if you really want to force adoption, put a traditional steering wheel as a paid option, like if I was looking at spending $130k+ on this, I'd pay another 3k just to get a standard wheel.

  5. If the Front Trunk is a "Frunk", then the Rear Trunk is a "Runk". Sounds dumb? yes, it does as rear-engine VWs have had storage in the front for many decades.

  6. "Falcon Wing" Doors are cool, but not practical. Can not use roof racks. Snow on roof will mean snow on passenger seats. No way to park in underground garage with passengers.

  7. Come to think of it a Tesla would be a perfect getaway car. It's quick but wouldn't be attention grabbing, it's also quite, and has a lot of room for the money

  8. The 6 seat is not ideal – would prefer the 7 seat style

    PS the X is not ugly at all – it's just as nice looking as the S if not better

  9. Tesla is just so cool. My only hope for the future. I drive a Golf R but I love that Tesla made electric cars cool.


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