The 2023 Cadillac Escalade V Is a Fast, Huge $150,000 Luxury SUV

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! 2023 Cadillac Escalade V review! Today I’m reviewing the 2023 Cadillac …

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  1. One extra little detail about those tail lights, They're Animated! On vehicle approach and clicking the Unlock button on the fob the tail lights "rise" lighting up from the bottom to top a few times really smoothly. The front vertical lights also pulse smoothly.

  2. The interior materials are fine, its an SUV and people will use them as such i.e kids/pets/stuff etc. It's more important that all the stuff it is stuffed with works and that it tows well.

  3. yep, no wonder americans are one of the highest emitters per capita. people drive around in big ass suvs and trucks and drive only themselves and no cargo 99 percent of the time

  4. For $150k I can buy fully opted and packed with features Cayenne S Platinum! No way I’d spend that money on this huge long ugly box of a questionable quality

  5. Where are you gonna use 680 hp??? Nascar? Or in heavy traffic in LA? That V8 sounds like old Honda. American V8s used to have distingush rumble.

    Rich people are real weirdos. Like fairy tale creatures. I have a lot of money – wheee! Sell me something dumb, cheap plastic made and very, very expensive!

    Up to 60% of parts in this car was made in 3rd world countries. What's so valuable about this??? Cadillac used to mean something. The standart of the world they used to be. Each bolt and nut was made in America by the American middle class.

    Good Lord above! America has lost it potency.

  6. owned 2 of them , love the power but always a boat load of electrical issues that the deals never figure out

  7. I wonder in the future, say 40 years from now, we’ll view these vehicles the same way we currently view muscle cars from the 60s and 70s

  8. Please stop with the forced perspective bs shot at the beginning of every big vehicle review. You’re so far behind the car you’re almost out of focus.

  9. Shock. You Americans are very greedy. There is a slight crisis, and you are crying out to the world how expensive this fuel is in the USA. Come and refuel in Europe. Americans are biggest materialists. Love or honor are foreign things to you. Every American is ready to divorce overnight and bond with someone as long as he is rich. People in the USA aren't looking for love just for a wealthy person, they get divorced after a while and get their divorce money. This is the standard life plan for Americans.

  10. i remember growing up and thinking colorful analog gauges were the hottest thing since sliced bread. 36 inches of screen. eh


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