The 2023 Subaru Solterra Is an Electric Crossover for Adventures

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  1. Off-road wilderness capability and limited range are mutually exclusive. This is an odd car, and I'm not sure where it will fit into the market. Americans who want a rugged EV have the F-150 lightning just sitting there.

    No frunk? I love my Subaru cargo space. wtf Subie?

  2. First thing I want to skip on a car for a cheaper price is performance. I have ZERO intrest in a fast car. Think most families think that way. Also I would much rather have a large trunk and a small backseat. And Im guessing most families want that to. Most often its children sitting there and they dont need much leg room. But getting in a stroller or a dog cage is much more intresting.

  3. Fun fact: This car is being advertised for heavily by one of my local car dealerships in Nuuk, Greenland x) That AWD and ground clearance is a major selling point up here xD

  4. It is an ugly "crease" car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saving fossil fuel?? ..look at all the plastic in this car …even the fenders!

  5. It's like the Toyota but more refined looking.
    Can't wait Subaru to build their own EV platform, it'll be sick

  6. This car has been recalled not even an hour ago. The wheels pop off easy. Toyota and Subaru recalled it.

    Please pin this so people who have the vehicle can see it.

  7. My only complaint is the lack of fast charging. If this vehicle could fast charge, I would sell my car and buy this in a heartbeat

  8. Subaru has the STI (EV) if you want to go fast so Subaru DOES in fact have an option for a faster EV


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