The Alfa Romeo Giulia Wall Challenge | Advanced Equipment

Chris Harris boldly says “I can move anything” about Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio but can he? Rory Reid has ….

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  1. I miss the subtle elegance of the old top gear. The real friendship they had. Just because you keeping saying mate doesn't me it's authentic .

  2. I still kind a dont get how good is this car as a drift car? is it too balanced to be an easily driftable car? I know its really good in all other ways but still wondering about driftability. Chris failing so many times means its harder than expected?

  3. E comunque Consalvo Sanesi, Guido Moroni, Teodoro Zeccoli, Giorgio Francia, Sebastiano Caprì e Giorgio Langella potevano farlo tranquillamente alla prima lucidando anche la carrozzeria

  4. I really like everything Chris Harris does he's so as o true to driving .
    Im getting the same ish car this weekend and by goodness I'm so excited my choice of colours are different as I am getting the N-Ring edition only 200 cars and I have one in its gorgeous Silverstone mat grey and full Carbon fiber roofing and every Extra .
    Only inside difference is just a Italian plaque saying what number mine is…!!!!!! .
    Oh did I say how exciting im getting too don't think I'll be doing this sort of thing


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