The All-New Lexus RZ Reveal | Lexus

Explore and listen to the sounds of the earth in refined comfort and luxury in the all-new Lexus RZ. Move mindfully into the future. .

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  1. Watch when many people start getting the electric cars they will find the new scam to hit people with to get their money. Whether it be a new tax or an existing one. That's the god willing people we live amongst. Money hungry con artists.

  2. I still got my NX, never had an issue, drive from the uk to Morocco many times, all around Europe, just perfect

  3. Let me test drive that course and then I’ll tell you what I think about it. Already in love with my RX 450!

  4. Still cant understand the strange C pillar tadpole tail style window design in the Lexus RZ/RX models, that does not age well and looks very awkward in an otherwise nice car.

  5. ईमानदार होने के लिए टेस्ला की बिल्ड क्वालिटी काफी कम प्रभावशाली है और भारत में, बिल्ड क्वालिटी अनिवार्य रूप से महत्वपूर्ण है।

    लेक्सस को प्यार।

  6. for the same money, i would buy LEXUS EV. I live in a appt so EV is not very convenience But I would buy Toyota brand EV.

  7. can you guys do a regular steering wheel instead of the airplane yoke steering "wheel"? a round wheel is easier to turn. thanks. also for subsequent BEVs, try to do one that is RWD or part-time AWD (default RWD), and try to shoot for a 50/50 weight distribution front to rear.

  8. That Lexus Sports Battery EV has definite Toyota Sport 800 design references.
    Would be really nice to see this EV version of the LFA turn into reality.

  9. Are they able to align the battery with Solar system to reduce or eliminate the risk of Engine failure?

  10. Lexus has no idea how to make these videos.

    Show us the cars, show us the inside, talk to us about the specs. that's it. stop telling us how you're redefining what it means to make a car, because you're not.

  11. Thank you Lexus for caring for our environment, it means a lot to me. I will soon trade my NX 200t F-sport for one of your EV's.

  12. Compliance vehicle nothing more Lexus/Toyota isn’t serious about EV’s.

    They’re falling behind the innovation curve and are scrambling to play catch-up.


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