The Bentley Arnage is a $ 30,000 luxury car

SEE VEHICLES WITH BIDS Bentley Arnage is a luxury car – and very affordable. Today I am ….

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  1. 23:32 "Practicality is average FOR ITS CLASS". Hang on a minute, I thought all scores were absolute in these reviews! Surely then, there should be loads of 10 ratings in these reviews for models that are best at certain things within their class.

  2. Test drove one today! I was honestly underwhelmed, it is nearly a 20 year old car and it doesn't hold up to modern luxury sedans. Even my 2013 Audi S4 feels more comfortable, quieter, and faster.

  3. The biggest problem the Brits have, and have always had, is their penchant for gadgets and doo-dads. I own a luxury car that has no multi-switch climate control system and it was built about ten years earlier than this Arnage. It has ONE dial to set the temperature desired and that's IT…and you can still set rider and passenger climate separately. Dimming and brightening the dash lights? It's done automatically. Set the seats and mirrors to suit two different drivers? They re-set for each driver automatically when they use the key fob. And there are other automated features on my car that I could mention. The point is, development in the USA usually runs from no features, to driver-adjusted features to those same features being automatically-adjusted by the car. The Brits, even in 2019, are still having the driver do it all and calling it "luxury". That is why their cars cost $300,000 new and nine years later go for 10 percent of that. They're junk by design…not because of poor attention to detail. My car has lumbar massage and heat in the front two seats and a computerized Driver Information System that can analyze and report on everything from engine
    malfunctions to whether or not ice is possible on the road. It even has "Rain Sense" which, once
    switched on, increases and decreases wiper speed automatically (there's that seemingly non-British word again) and stops and starts when the rain does. Let's not forget my car's "Twilight
    Sentinel" which takes care of all lighting, automatically. By the way…my luxury car is a 1999 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe. Why can I find no review for IT?


  4. Doug is seriously lacking in general car knowledge. He's been immersed in the car world for most of his adult life and he doesn't know simple things like the pattern on the aluminum panels is called "engine turning" or that European cars have included spare bulbs in tool kits since the 70's….he must know this….it's like he's pretending to be child-like to keep the schtick going ig.

  5. Have watched this twice and I was curious what the item is in the trunk. In the middle just below the lid above the umbrellas. Almost appears to be an A/C vent. Always thought some cars should have that to keep groceries (milk, ice cream, etc) cool….

  6. "made a concerted effort not to include any plastic anywhere in this car," proceeds to scroll to climate control and seat adjustment buttons, all made from plastic!!!

  7. I know someone who actually works for Bentley will never read this, but if you do; those labels under the bonnet are fantastic. I can imagine these being so useful to keeping the car going long into the future.

  8. A friend of mine wanted a 2 door- which costs about 20000$ more 'per door less ' : )) so he got this- lucky guy ; ) I'm back- not BMW engineering as far as I know- wasn't it VW ? oh yeah, and the reading lights are not even electrically opperated ! ! ; ))

  9. Looking at the car featured , it does seem to be a bit blingy with the brushed aluminium door panels and the fussy interior . I would dare to say that my car which is a 1992 Series 3 Daimler Double Six is at least the equal of the Bentley and with no BMW input . I much prefer the interior of the Daimler and there is nothing to give you a headache in if stuck in a traffic jam. I can imagine the sun on the aluminium shining in my eyeballs as I wait in endless queues . No thanks, My Daimler is on second thoughts a much better car than the Bentley .

  10. I'm certain the -a Doug adds to the most impressive words becomes less intentional the more time he spends with this car.

    ie: infotainment screen-a
    cow hides-a
    behind-a a wood door
    wonderful luxurious place to spend time-a
    sooooo comfortable-a
    Wall Street Journal-a
    three counties-a

  11. Hi Doug, I'm watching your videos from Morocco north Africa, this is a very powerfull and luxurieus bentley, it is always my dream especially the convertible model, thank you Mr DeMuro

  12. The price of ownership is in the yearly repair bills. The price of purchase is just an introduction.


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