The Bentley Continental SuperSports is a $310,000 Bentley Hellcat


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  1. What is the point of buying a "fast" car yet Boris Johnson won't allow you to achieve the car's full potential? 70 mph it is on a motorway. Exceeding it by 1 mph, your license risk attracting 3 points plus fines. I guess I would buy it for prestige.

  2. Anyone from the DMV knows that hearing “Tysons Corner” and D.C. in the same sentence is enough to either make you laugh or roll your eyes to the back of your head.

  3. @ 6:11 well I never seen anyone with arms that could reach inside the hood from the passenger seat… have to come out the car anyway, very efficient designs

  4. i'm coming from the future to tell you its not the fastest 4 seater car "heh he heh" xD
    call christian von koenigsegg and he'll "heh heh heh" you xD

  5. Doug is the type of guy to complain about a hood latch that prevents you from pulling it at speed.

  6. The RAM TRX makes 2HP more than this…but has a top speed of just 118mph. So that doesn't beat this as the world's fastest four seat car…plus, it's a five seat truck. Just needed to put this here because of the people who will say "BuT The TrX!". And I forgot to add, 0-60 in the TRX is about 5 seconds.

  7. The hood latch placement is meant to prevent you accidentally opening the hood given the position near your footing, it was designed as such

  8. I hate when Doug throws stuff around like this is faster than a Carrera gt, as if that didn't come out over 2 decades ago.

  9. Damm this car has dipresiated since 2017. Now its worth around 160k. lmas for Bentley owners ho bouth it for 310k.

  10. Funny, my 2008 e92 335i did the seatbelt thing.
    Funny, my 1998 e36 318i does the all windows down with one Button.
    Bmw used to be so good 🙁

  11. Doug complaining about the hoodlach: you have to open the door to use is
    Me: but you are gonna get out anyway

  12. Hellcat? Did you just compare it to a Chrysler product? That’s like comparing a tiger to a kitten

  13. Seatbelt delivered right to you…..using the SAME PLASTIC ACTUATOR that appears in my Audi A5. Exactly the same. Also had that on my 1999 Saab. So not impressive.

  14. I'm pretty sure that if I had the money to buy that car, Bentley would also figure out a way to put a manual transmission in it.
    I also think that rear wing doesn't fit the car so well, it's looks so aftermarket, but it isn't ugly.
    And I love they didn't put wood and it's all black.

  15. hood latch design is not fault its precaution. you cant open the hood while driving.. many audis and vw have that design. Doug i like You but please get more info

  16. Doug. The hood or "bonnet" latch is designed to only open when the door is open. Most VW Audi products are that way. It's to prevent opening the hood on accident.

  17. I think the hood latch was for safety in case some dumbass didn’t accidentally pull it while driving


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