The best car… for the least money. FACT! Peugeot 208 review.

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  1. Please Not group Stellantis(Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, Fiat, Alfa Romeo), those cars are a disaster.

  2. 0:02 "The cool looking French alternative to your usual Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa & VW Polo."
    disk scratch
    Renault Clio & Renault Mégane: Are we a joke to you?!

  3. I buy 208 gt pack 1.2 and after 3000 km my fuel pump goes off so they replace it i dont know what happend to be so…

  4. I've got this car, it's great but has been plagued by alarm going off for no reason. Bonnet switch was changed and they say they "can't find the fault". 4th visit to dealer tomorrow (130-mile round trip). Extremely frustrating. Also, Stop/Start hasn't worked either. Anyone else have alarm issues?

  5. 100hp FFS. My 208 of the previous model had more than twice that. Peugeot's exit from the hot hatch market is so sad.

  6. Exterior is great!
    The interior however isn't great. It's cramped and the steering wheel placement is SHOCKING. I tried many, many different adjustments and just could not see the speedometer or anything without having to peer over the wheel.
    Also the Active model is very basic. No fancy holographic speedometers.
    The touchscreen is a basic BTEC year 7 design. Reminds me of stickmen type design.
    Most of the settings are in the touchscreen I.e. to adjust the temperature.
    Not ideal to be fannying around on touchscreen. Dials are easier and quicker!
    It feels cramped in the front and the back would struggle with 2 adults never mind 3.
    Wouldn't recommend

  7. Refreshing new design wrapped in a charmingly chic upmarket package,
    208 trumps everything in its class. I'd certainly choose it over Polo, Fiesta or Clio

  8. The only design feature/quirk that annoys me are the "fangs". other than that, it's an Awesome design.


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