The BMW Alpina B3 Touring Is an Ultra-Cool Obscure ’90s Wagon


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  1. Alpina is not a tuner. It's a car manufacturer. German Federal Government recognized it as such, and so should this twat.

  2. Man, Alpina puts all this effort into adding low-volume, custom-made equipment into this vehicle and then just scratches out the VIN like some hooligan.

  3. It's clear as day the level of passion and detail Alpina put into modifying these cars. Everything about it looks great and well designed down to the last bit.

  4. Overpriced shit. I had the coupe version. BMW are the same as Mercedes everything is overpriced. Youre saying it has special touches Alpina matts lol how much do you think it cost to make those matts probably a dollar each but some idiot will pay thousands more for that.

  5. Terrible cars to own. Even the modern ones… Parts are a nightmare to get hold off. But totally worth the hassle. I’ve got a later E46 3.3 and it’s a special feeling.

  6. One more "quirk":
    The alpina-logo, which looks like the coat of arms from some city, actually shows a crankshaft and the "trumpets" off a carburetor

  7. 1:25
    Until their recent sale to BMW Alpina wasn't a tuner, they hadn't been one for a long time by the time the E36 was made.
    Alpina was a manufacturer, officially.

  8. Somebody should tell you that this B3 has no M3 engine, it based on the M52. And if you wanted some power in your Alpina E36, you bought an V8 version. That's why there are so few 3.2.

  9. ALPINA is NOT a TUNER! It's a registered car manufacturer since 1978. They erase the BMW VIN and ad a new ALPINA VIN.

  10. Dutch license plate is from 2018 so the Alpina has been switched countries at least once before moving to the US

  11. Its sad people still look down on wagons, its the ultimate drivers daily car if you dont offroad

  12. I just picked up my E36 Alpina B6 wagon, which was only made for the Japanese market and only 136 total models produced. I will be uploading a video review of it soon on my channel. It's not quite as clean as this example, but I'll be restoring mine to get it into this condition. Great to see what a super clean example looks like!


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