The Brand New Ford Bronco Sport Rolls Down A Mountain — Here’s The Story

This past weekend there was a brutal rollover accident on Black Bear Pass — a location TFL frequents and a popular off-roading …

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  1. I've never done Black Bear. As I ride Polaris RZR's and Sportsman atv's the City of Telluride does not allow them on their streets. This prevents accessing Imogene Pass to return to Ouray.

  2. There’s a reason I don’t strap in on these shelf roads. The last two instances, the drivers and passengers exit the vehicle (voluntarily or through ejection) and in both cases probably saved their lives. The red Jeep for sure and this one more likely than not. I’m leaving that puppy as soon as I can. Maybe if I’m in a comp ride, full roll cage, full harness, and head restraint I’ll ride it out. Still not sure that’s a winning strategy.

  3. If you need a spotter on switch backs, you need to do some more driving and get to know your vehicle.

  4. The question is: who gives a fk???
    You going up there for the kick? Well, there you have it!

  5. Several mistakes here for darn sure. The tires on that thing look like regular all-season street tires. I'd think it would be bad idea to do that drive with street tires.

    And of course going the wrong way + something else clearly went wrong when turning around.

  6. 1000's people drive over Black Bear only a handful have ever slid off the mountain when you make a claim "very dangerous" the numbers don't back up that claim. You more likely to be killed driving though an intersection in any large city. Many more are killed in high profile 4WD vehicles by flipping them on paved roads. The reason Black Bear pass has very few people end up dead is because the fact that most everyone goes very slow so they don't roll off fear is a good thing. Taking your lifted jeep on 37" tires down the highway at 75 mph you don't even think about it not fearful at all but in reality that is very dangerous. Any sudden situation cause you to make a quick jerk of the wheel is going to flip your jeep. My own jeep club last fatality TJ on 35" tires going 50 mph on a city street was cut off by another car he flipped end over end he was killed. Making a show like this saying it's dangerous is what gets trails closed.

  7. The biggest issue is why two inexperienced people were driving on the road. They didn't see the one way sign? That's how much they were paying attention….

  8. If the driver and dog was ejected, I guess they weren't harnessed in? Am glad everyone is doing well.

  9. Just an FYI. There is a statement in this story that said that the passenger was out of the vehicle directing the driver. The person speaking said that both of them were in the vehicle when it rolled down the mountain, but if you pause the video and read the part of the statement, the passenger was Not in the vehicle.

  10. A cowboy lay in it all covered with gore
    And he never will ride any broncos no more

    Oh, pity the cowboy, all bloody and red
    For the bronco fell on him and bashed in his head

    There was blood on the saddle and blood all around
    And a great big puddle of blood on the ground

  11. The Broncos unibody creates a bubble cocoon when rolled or crush by other vehicles. If the engine was a flat four or six appositionally opposed the lower gravity would had this ride. Much easier

  12. I would sooner take a Smart Car through the Rubicon than drive an easy shelf road above timberline. I'll walk.

    Also, Ford should offer factory 5-point harnesses for the Bronco Sport; they could have walked away. Very impressed with the rigidity of that passenger compartment.

  13. Honestly might cosider a Badlands Bronco Sport over the big Bronco after seeing how well the cabin survived.

  14. It is impressive how the vehicle held up rolling down the mountain buuutt….she was ejected?! Imagine how much safer the vehicle would be with a seatbelt on. Crazy.

  15. hey so i didnt watch more than 10 sec of the video because you didnt have the actual video of the incident. what people want to see is the actual event youre talking about not second hand speculation.

  16. Easy for the passenger survive since she got out. I guess the fact that the driver wasn’t instantly dead is also impressive!

  17. I've only seen two stories of vehicles falling down the trail. This bronco and a Jeep. Funny women were driving each of them LOL bla blah blah something about women being smarter and living longer blah blah


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