The Brand New Porsche 911 GT3 RS | Top Gear Shorts

shorts #TopGear #Porsche Here’s a look at the brand new 992 generation 911 GT3 RS. It’s packed with racing tech, and probably … .

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  1. Luggage? It’s a damn track car, if you want luggage space buy an Audi or BMW, the M cars and AMG have luggage space and are very good track cars and you can use them as a daily driver. A GT3RS is an out and out track car, it isn’t for daily driving. The only luggage you need for this car is a new pair of underpants, if you think it needs luggage space….

  2. Rich collectors cannot wait to keep these in airtight bubbles in warehouses and try to sell them to other collectors for 2x what they paid!

    I really wish mfgs would learn from this and just say that they’ll build as many as they have orders for. Open the order books up to anyone who can pay retail for them. There are so many awesome cars out these days that just sit in garages, being used as investments by the ultra-wealthy.

  3. Well that saves me the trouble of watching the whole 40 minute video lol. Good on you Top Gear


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