The Cuda Is an Armored Land Cruiser For the Apocalypse


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  1. 16:08 I think the idea here is that if you have to get in the vehicle quickly, you just flick the handle and the spring pushes the bolt thus locking the door immediately. Just a quick way to lock yourself in.

  2. If it won't stop an AR-15 round it's freaking useless. Doug clearly doesn't know that an AR is a mean looking .22.

  3. "They're making those these days…for sheiks, business executives…hoods. Impregnable to anything but artillery."

  4. Apocalypse vehicle? This thing looks like it would go 100 miles and be out of fuel. Good luck with the Apocalypse because gas stations won't exist when that happens so you won't make it very far in this.

  5. These guys never heard of carriage bolts before huh? Could just about take the whole damn thing apart from the outside, couple of tweakers with stolen tools could take this thing apart faster than they could take apart an old civic.

  6. the should've found a way to fit the spare inside the car, if something or someone damages your tyres obviously they won't leave the spare

  7. "Brush guards on the tail lights don't really make sense."

    Do you think people never need to back up in the woods?

  8. **me after watching news about israel invade palestine
    Youtube: wanna see armored vehicle that maybe you can buy?
    Me : yeah why not

  9. I generally dislike any kind of armored vehicle because anyone inside one, is likely not a friend of mine.

  10. Lol.
    You need two things to buy an armored vehicle.
    Money and enemies.
    I designed armored vehicles a number of years ago.
    This thing has some issues that creates serious problems.
    First rule is don't get noticed,don't attract attention.
    I would not want be ridding in it, it just screams "shoot me".
    B6 armor is .308 Nato resistant.
    You wouldn't want to drive through Jaurez, Mexico [cartel run city].
    They would just get a bigger can opener.
    Plus, it's just frigging ugly.

  11. I like the pickup next to it… can you review it also? Looks like it could be based on the Hummer H2

  12. Those horrible welds tell me that this thing isn't made very well and would not do you any good in a real firefight. It's literally a poser car for idiot influencers pretending to have any real threat to their life.
    Not to mention the stupid simple nut caps that wouldn't hold much aagianst a $50 impact driver. Or all the cuts on the body frame being not even close to straight or centered. That door looks so stupid it's not even funny. The stickers tell all with how badly placed they are, lmfao. It's like a 12 year old's idea of an armored car.

  13. some places they are confiscating armord vehiles cuz the goverment dosnt care about your protection.


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