The Dead Desert Race | Bowler Nemesis Vs 12 Tonne Truck | Advanced Equipment

Richard demonstrates his desert driving skills. You could consider putting Bowler Nemesis ready for Dakar against his 12-ton support ….

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  1. I love how the truck driver is wearing clothes for like a job in an office or something, instead of racing gear!

  2. Anyone going to talk about how mental hammond went and manages to teeter totter around over the terain like. 20 ft from the big rig

  3. Having done the Mongol Rally and driven across many different terrain, I can tell you it's not all about speed and power, the truck going at a steady pace actually had a better chance.

  4. the sound that bowler makes. is it just me or does it sound like an animal thats just howling..? gotta say apart from the koenigsegg this has to be one angry sounding machine

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  6. Those trash trucks are fast. They have to be I guess in order to get the garbage before its blown all over the desert, The racers come by and the people leave.


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