The end of Stig? | | Super Jaguar Vs Harrier Jet | Advanced Equipment

Top Gear goes to Top Gun as Jeremy Clarkson tests The Stig to release jets in HMS Invincible. Before leaving …

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  1. Here's a conspiracy for you: When the jag left the ramp did you notice a plume of white smoke? And just before it fell in the sea, did you also notice the huge jack mounted to the back of it? This my friends was fired off the end of a hydrogen canon, a little like the ones used in the bond films.

  2. Good thing the cameras were pointing at the sinking point so we could witness that scene. What a coincidence

  3. Seeing all those jets wandering around on the deck reminds me of Hot Shots when they arrived on the SS Essess.

  4. The car was deliberately thrown in the ocean as you can see the white fumes at the jump….so cheap act for thrilling viewers!!

  5. This was faked , i mean the big tube sticking out of the back that you see at 1:08 is the same thing they used to shoot cars at a dart board. Go chek that video out, its called ,,Car Darts"

  6. Redoing it would be something different because you would be using the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier against the F-35B


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