The Ferrari FF Is a $100,000 Family Car Bargain

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! Ferrari FF review! The Ferrari FF is a supercar that can also be a family car … .

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  1. I don't let my kids eat food in my camry….if they even looked at this car with food in their hands, they would get a toaster thrown at them lol

  2. Me:hey dad can I get a normal Nissan family car at home?
    Dad:we already have a Nissan family car at home
    The Nissan at home:

  3. This car needs an update…Ferrari better come up with an updated version with USB C, Larger screens, All the quirks and features.

  4. Really love the styling. I would feel like having an authentic sport car with a car I could use everywhere. Really love it. If I would be millionaire, won't have any problem to pay more than 3 hundred thousands on this. And around 1 hundred something. Is like a joke. It's under rated. A lot.

  5. Doug thank you for exposing people to one of the world's best hand built engines.12 cylinder master piece. Bueno

  6. Let’s get it out there – it looks terrible. Like absolutely shocking. It’s also pointless to have such tiny seats that barely fit a teenager.

    Other than that, it’s ok.

  7. Doug's description is often an aporia:

    "Getting in and out of the FF backseat is quite a battle, but it's not that difficult."


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