The Ford Maverick Is A Pickup Meant To Be Hacked. Here’s How Ford Designed It For That.

Ford’s new Maverick compact pickup is turning out to be a smash hit. One big reason? Flexibility. The engineers designed the …

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  1. That's a great Ford Infomercial, but my real questions are:
    Can you launch it like a space shuttle?
    Can it hit the beach with the Royal Marines?
    Can you use it to escape the baddies in a shopping mall?
    Can you launch it off an olympic ski slope with rockets attached?

  2. The first hack I’m going to do is change the name plate from Maverick to Courier, this is not the same Maverick my dad bought in 1972. Kidding aside, this every day hero of a truck is going to be a problem for Ford, I don’t think they can make enough of these to keep up with demand. I hope other manufacturers like Toyota is studying this segment of the market and come up with something as innovative, the Honda Ridgeline is not as approachable as the Ford in pricing. I always wanted a pickup truck but didn’t want to deal with the gas mileage and they were a platform that far exceeded my needs, I just wanted something with a little more ground clearance and for hobbies. Home run Ford!


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