The GMC Hummer EV Is an Insane $ 100,000 + Electric Off-Roader Truck

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! The new GMC Hummer EV is amazing – and today, I’m going to review the ….

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  1. they finally created a vehicle that makes Doug look like miniature Doug standing next to it

  2. Over priced and GM messed up Hummer yet again by cost. Sure nice and tech is really nice. But 100k+ small market at best. I do like it and would love to have one. Awesome truck. I'd say 60 to 80k the market would be larger imo. Great review

  3. That thing is an environmental abomination. Electric or not, Building such an enormous vehicle isn’t acceptable.

  4. Anyone think that this vehicle is already the perfect moon buggy? Perhaps why there are so many moon references…

    Electrically powered (no oxygen required), off-road capable, much cheaper than NASA designing something new. Just make the seats big enough for spacesuits and add some protection from temperature extremes and you’ve got a full-fledged lunar truck that needs little-to-no training to operate.

    Check it out NASA! Excellent idea for the upcoming Artemis missions.

  5. You have already reviewed a pre-production prototype of this car, and you have also posted the review of that red Alfa Romeo, so are you repeating your self or is my time travel machine working?

  6. I like the fact that Doug stands behind every car because it's a passive way to see the size of the car to scale in the thumbnail. that being said this thing is HUGE!

  7. What´s interesting about the lunar design elements (map of lunar surface on the loud speakers …): Contrary to gasoline vehicles this car actually should work on the moon. An EV does not need air. Probably they designed it for that purpose, off-road next level …

  8. Look, its a cool vehicle, I’m glad they’re making it. But I can’t think of a company I’d trust less to make a reliable EV.

  9. Anyone know if there have been tests for the brakes? I can imagine standing on the brake pedal, letting go and getting back on, to hold a 9000lb truck while crawling down a steep hill could get a little nerve racking.

  10. This isn't a hummer. This is a civilian M12 Warthog. And that makes me want this even more.

  11. I would probably buy this for $50k. Not in a million years for $100k. Where is my fking cybertruk, Elon, you vaporware scammer?
    350 miles is HALF the range it actually needs. half.
    This thing looks like a rip-off Rivian, only not as well designed and more expensive.


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