The Jaguar XKR-S Is a Ridiculous Jaguar Muscle Car


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  1. My 2012 XKR-S in FRB coupe has been, by far, more reliable than my Porsche 930 Turbo and SC 911. Own the car you give opinions on. JMHO

  2. Any car created before dual clutch was common, is just better off as a (gated if possible ) manual. So much better to avoid all the dram of an ancient transmission and having a manual will increase resale value no matter what sports/performance car you are talking about.

  3. The interior isn't new and wasn't design ed for the XK-RS. Most of the design cues were present in the XF which was introduced 4 years before this model.

    Why would you want to unlock (but not open) the passenger door from the driver's eat while you're driving? If you're not driving it doesn't matter if you pull it too far and open it accidentally. You're creating a problem that doesn't exist.

    Turning on the heated seats can be done with just one touch because you can set the screen containing the controls to the default home screen, but every review of every Jag I've ever seen all fail to mention that.

    And at what point do you ever need the odometer, except to record the mileage at servicing.

    You can't change the gear selector until you start the engine and it rises out of the centre console – why would you want to change gear if the engine isn't running? And if it breaks and doesn't rise up you CAN still change gears, it's just another one of those things that reviewers are not aware of so they wrongly assume you can't.

    These are design cues, not "mistakes". I and most other Jag owners have no issue with these. If you don't like it don't buy a Jag. Remember on the likes of Teslas, virtually EVERYTHING has to be controlled from the touchscreen and nobody complains about that. Many other cars are following the same principle because people seem to want touchscreens.

    Problem with back seats is they're not viable in a car like this, but people expect them. I'd rather the option was there to remove them for extra storage space instead. But here's the real important point – NOBODY buys this car for any of the reasons above, so none of it matters!

  4. 15:27 "Another cargo area…" Shows us the spare tire well, which is empty because Jaguar decided you can have performance, or a spare tire.

  5. The door locks… come on, Doug. You know this is a Jaguar feature. I have a 2000 XK8 and those door locks are the same. You do not risk opening the drivers door to unlock the passenger door.

  6. I have a 2009 Jaguar xkr portfolio for my first car as a teenager. I totally agree about the backseats. They are the worst.

  7. wait.. Didnt the XKR come out in 2007 and earlier? The 550HP was def in the super charged 2007-2012 versions. I only know because im wanting to buy one. PS, love your content!!!

  8. Jaguar took a massive dive with its replacement, low cost, lake of quality and style and not a classic out of the show room like the XK R was

  9. XK8/ R X100 door handles did the same thing with their locking mechanisms. I'd say more of a homage to older Jags and tbh it's quite nice. Just like you say don't yank it too hard but mostly you'll be at a standstill when letting passengers in. Good video nonetheless

  10. Absolutely nothing wrong with those door handles, had them in the previous xk models too, had my car for over a year now and not once opened my door to unlock the passenger one, only a heavy handed cluts or idiot would do that.
    Oh and they are a carry over from Ford Ownership of Jaguar and no one complains about it in Ford's either.
    The back seats are the same reason Porsche has them, insurance reasons, 4 seaters are cheaper to insure, they are for show and that's it.

  11. LOL Seems like a lot of negative comments from people that don't own one, like I do. I always research my "toy" purchases with people that ACTUALY own the car. I sold a Porsche 911 turbo to buy my FRB 12 XKR-S and have zero regrets. I've owned a few exotics and muscle cars over the years. The Jag has been one of my all time favorites. JMHO

  12. since i have a jaguar xkrs since 2012 i have to mention that i was happy that you finally reviewed it but some of your points givin to it are realy unfair ! first of all the practicallity you have to keep in mind the size of the trunk in its class of cars there is no comparison the only true competetor to that woud be the bmw m8 and that came out like what 8 years later? secondly to that topic the entrance into the "back seats" i know they are tiny and useless basically but you can open the latch on the fron seat to remove the seatbelt out of it so enterin is realy easy acctually especially if you have the convertible sitting in the back seat is doable i have often taken friend with me obviously with an open roof but still you make it seem worse than it is. and for the last part the quality of the car is pretty darn good in these 10 years and roughtly 100 k kilometeres nothing broke or wore out on me. the matials still look and feel like in the first few days obviously some usemarks on the seats but thats it i think you shoulde revise your score table.

  13. Man, I've avoided this episode for almost a year. As an owner of an X150 XKR Cabriolet, I didn't want to see what young Douglas' thought of my baby. While he was rough on the interior, he was complimentary on it overall!

    (BTW, I own a new XJ and a Range Rover. That door lock function is–hands down–the best. The half-pull becomes second nature within hours. Having dedicated buttons to lock & unlock doors is silly to me now.)

  14. I had a 2013 XKR and it was an excellent GT car and amazing sound unfortunately my wife hit a deer driving it and I had to sell it

  15. I really like this car…especially in this shade of blue. Not many cars could get away with this color. It's so good looking and powerful, I'd overlook the quirky climate/radio interface. Too badd the back seats don't lay flat like a 911 so at least you'd have more storage capacity. Can it be shifted manually? Paddles?

  16. This sounds so strikingly similar to what Chrysler is doing with their charger and challenger now but Chrysler is doing it better

  17. Some day a car manufacturer will just called a spade a spade and put dog seats in the back of a 2+2, cos that back seat looks perfect for my pomeranians


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