The LEAST SAFE new cars to CRASH in!

When buying a new car in 2020 it’s fair to say that chances are, it’ll have a pretty high safest rating. However, unfortunately, that’s ….

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  1. The fact the jeep renegade and the jeep Cherokee it earned an good on iihs lol except the updated side crash test

  2. Panda is just fine. Most of it users never seen 30 miles per hour on the speedo on the way to the corner grocery.

  3. Yes it would a few years ago I had a serious side impact and front impact car accident with another car and broke my leg and arm. I was in a Mercedes glc at the time I had only had it 2 weeks and it was a write off.

  4. How is the TT not in here? if your in the back of a TT and your over 5ft your dead or very badly hurt in any crash

  5. I crashed in a BMW 3 Series and i have to give credit, the only damage that i got was emotional damage and some bruises because of the seat belt

  6. Yes I would 100% make my choice on the safety ratings. But would appear if I want good protection I need to buy a tank.

  7. My choice for the wife’s next car, you guessed it the Fiat Panda. And she’s a terrible driver.

  8. You need to look at entry-level vehicles to see zero stars NCAP or no NCAP result at all: (1.0-1.4 litre) Renault (Kwid), Honda (BR-V, Brio), Kia (Picanto), Hyundai (i-10), Datsun (Go), Tata, Chery (QQ3, J2) , Mahindra, Suzuki (Swift, Celerio)… 5-star NCAP does mean a very safe car, that's the whole point of NCAP. Cheap cars exist, and they're popular, and they're unsafe, but not according to carwow.

  9. A typical EURO NCAP report, meaning a Fiat Panda that has literally passed the tests structurally perfectly (if you have a video deceleration program, you'll understand what I'm writing about), especially for those car dimensions, it gets 0 stars, I think come on..fucking marketing

  10. Why did i know the top spot was going to be a Fiat? And why did i assume that 12 of the results were going to be the entire Fiat line-up with number 2 being the Wrangler?

  11. Now I'm pretty much sure, Jimmy will be introduced in India. Maruti Suzuki sells the least safe cars in India (except S-cross & Brezza). Most of their cars scored 0-3 in GNCAP rating with abs, airbag, structure and other things.

  12. Wow I will never buy a Jeep Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee now. As a family man, it would be extremely irresponsible for my wife and children.

  13. Dont get this video !?. Many cars got four and five stars and they should be least safe !?. This is just to weird.


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