The Lexus LFA Successor World’s First Look

We get a world-exclusive first look at Lexus’ brand new concept car which is dubbed to be the successor of one of the … .

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  1. That aint no lfa… Call it future or space ship but not lfa. Lfa was not the fastest but it was its v10 and the yamaha tunning and looks that made it an icon. If i won the lottery the lfa would be the only super car i might think of buying.
    That car is the future of lexus and amazing jist not worthy of callong it LFA

  2. Looks like Lotus design. If not they copied the new Lotus, you know the 2000hp one they have been showing for the last 2 years. Dorks…

  3. This is a really cool LFA successor….LFE….for Electric ….. with good speakers and and a great stereo system they can make it sound like anything.

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  5. I, love the look on your face driving the fork lift! Just like my wife when she had full contol of a dddddddddddd9 ceterpillar/dozer

  6. Electric.. LFB… mmkkay then nothing much more left to say except "hit that pussy pedal!" Eric Cartman 2013

  7. this looks nothing like an LFA, and nearly has nothing in common with it at all…It just needs a different name

  8. Stupid looking. Looks like "EGGOS", space ship from Gardians of the Galixy 2
    I'll take the original LFA in Black or Blue any day over this thing. I don't care how much HP it has or how fast it is. You can keep it.


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