The Lexus RX: BUSTED! | Lexus

With the help of their #LexusRX Hybrid’s EV mode, a couple sneak home after date night. It’s the classic story of getting caught… .

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  1. My response to the CHILD would have been, 'Excuse me we don't have to tell you how we spend our time, maybe you should consider how lucky you are to live in this beautiful house where you eat great food and have a wonderful school with good friends and be grateful that your parents provide you with every little thing you need, and enjoy all the gifts we give you when we decide to take a few moments as adults for ourselves! And if you would like to use the car then you had better start with talking to us with respect."

  2. So in "modern families" the teenagers are in charge and the parents have to explain themselves to their teen children. Thank you, Madison Avenue.

  3. Nice car -commercial is annoying! I mute every time it comes on. Really? Spoiled teenage girl with poor parental role models.

  4. Ugly looking kid, and if she was around in the 90s talking to her parents like that she’d be grounded or six feet under.

  5. I don't understand this video. The couple come homes and the woman who I think is the babysitter turns out to supposedly be their child, but the babysitter / child looks to be 20 yo and the "wife" looks to be 24 yo. What solar system does this exist in? Is this Lexus model a fountain of youth? or a Dorian Gray painting?

  6. I love the new front bumper and fog lamps design! It’s truly an amazing SUV!!!
    I’m in love with it XD

  7. What a funny video…no way is my daughter driving my new 2022 RX450hL. I barely let her use my 2008 Toyota Sienna Limited van and she is 40.


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