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This is the new joy of driving. From its striking design to its imaginative technology, every element of the All-New Lexus RX is … .

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  1. All car companies are focusing on the speed performance of their cars. But no one is paying attention to the car's braking system. Which is very disappointing. As important as vehicle speed is, quick braking is also important.

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  3. 現行のRXもとても良いクルマだと実感できる。家族で乗って幸せを感じることができるクルマだ。一方でクルマの進化ってこんなものだろうと思っていたが、拘れば拘るほど新しさ・・つまり次の進化を見出すことが出来るものなんだね。それにいい幹部がいる・・トヨタは人材育成も際立ってるね。

  4. This looks a lot better than previous one. The only one complaint is the seat design looks so cheap like an ordinary car, not from luxury car. But's everything else is brilliant! Well done Lexus!

  5. This video is brilliant! All of the people who appear in the video bring the feel of the entire team-design, engineering, and production-who are dedicated to product success. And, Mr. Sato's commentary provide an extra special human touch to the Lexus RX and Lexus brand! It shows that Lexus is more than 6 Sigma and Lean! The marketing team did an excellent job.

  6. Owned 3 Lexus already, best vehicle in the industry, period. Looking to purchase the RZ, time to stop pumping gas, it's tiring and the price is just insane now.

  7. Ładny
    ciekawe czy będzie się czekało na niego 12 miesięcy czy więcej ??????
    bo na NX bo JA JUZ CZEKAM OD GRUDNIA a będzie ponoć w listopadzie !!!!!

  8. 內裝還是個 蠢蠢 土土的 toyota血統。 RAV4升級版。看到內裝,還有那顆引擎就搖頭了。

  9. Seems like the approach angle is less capable than before which is the only thing I’m concerned about cause I want it for snowboarding trips and light trails for camping. Still getting one though! I think it will look amazing in black!

  10. Amazing upgrade ! Looking forward to get one . The only thing isn’t perfect is the gauge cluster … Even few years old Germans have way better gauge cluster :/

  11. Beautiful work from the Lexus team! I am anxious to see the new RX in person at the 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show!

  12. Of course you have marketing speak all over, but also many interesting tidbits that have truly meaning. And overall a great-looking car.


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